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*From October 2017
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Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 594 Reviews

Apartment · Mahé · Map

4.5 of 5 11 Reviews

Hotel · La Digue · Map

4.5 of 5 1775 Reviews

Villa · Praslin · Map

Yacht · Seychelles

Guesthouse · Mahé · Map

5 of 5 4 Reviews

Resort · Alphonse Island · Map

5 of 5 56 Reviews

Guesthouse · Mahé · Map

4.5 of 5 138 Reviews

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4 of 5 168 Reviews

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 1028 Reviews

Guesthouse · Praslin · Map

5 of 5 50 Reviews

Yacht · Seychelles · Map

Villa · Cerf Island · Map

Hotel · Cerf Island · Map

4 of 5 185 Reviews

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 229 Reviews

Resort · Round Island · Map

4.5 of 5 174 Reviews
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Your Tailor-made Holiday

We at Seyvillas want your Seychelles holiday to be an unforgettable experience. Therefore, we will be more than happy to advise you and to help you create your very own tailor-made dream holiday package.

Luxury does not have to be expensive! Choose your island and accomodation, and we will arrange your island hopping experience to fit any budget.

Reviews about Seyvillas

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    • There are 140 reviews of Seyvillas
    • Let us know how you enjoyed your holiday in the Seychelles.
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    • ★★★★☆Anouk Lauwerijssen15.10.2017 20:03

    • Always a fast respons if i had any questions. Very smooth communication. A lot of option where possible.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      We had a lovely holliday, everything was great! The children also loved it. We asked for baby cots, only all of the accomodations had only one babycot but they all want to think in solutions and where very kind.

      Beach Villa Guesthouse Praslin★★★★★


      We had a great stay at Beach villa guesthouse. Very good service, our luggage was missing when we arrived, the owner of Beach villa arranged everything and kept is up to date. The food was very good, beceause of the kids it was possible tot have dinner at the veranda in front of the room. (Very good WiFi!!)

      La Diguoise La Digue★★★★★


      Very nice (big) room, the kids loved this place. The garden is very big and the loved to run (we had to keep an eye beceause of the swimming pool and pond). Very good services, and the food was great!! Every time something different. (Only (slow)WiFi at the reception ????)

      Stephna Residence Mahé★★★★★


      Loved this place! Nice owner and staff they where very helpfull. Very clean house!


      Did not booked any transfer service

    • ★★★★★Angie Snell Bennett05.10.2017 21:34

    • I've traveled the world and never used a travel agent. Seyvillas did everything they said they would do. They are working with a very competent group on the Islands that do this for a living. They have it all well laid out.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★☆☆

      We are not beach people. Everything went fine, and we had a good enough time, but it certainly wasn't anything all that special that we couldn't have gotten in any Polynesian Island.

      Hotel L'Archipel Praslin★★★★☆


      Very clean. Staff was very helpful - villas are well laid out with lots of privacy. Beach is very clean. While breakfast was good and I loved that they kept the pastries warm, dinner and lunch were not that great. There is not much close, so they have a captive audience. Love the pool and the villas.


      Perfect, and very pleasant.

    • ★★★★★Mark David Aylett26.09.2017 15:37

    • Prior to holiday it was excellent communication and extremely helpful
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      La Digue was a wonderful destination and the hotel was on a promontory with superb views to 3 sides from our room, the hotel food was ok not great although they did try hard, staff were excellent at all times and very helpful.

      Patatran La Digue★★★★☆


      Hotel was good but looking tired, our room had faulty lights and tv but sorted very quickly once reported


      Not expected at airport so no record of our arrivals that in turn impacted on our transfer to La Digue,we had no tickets to board the ferry so sat in Creole office for 3 hours with no communication as to if we were going to get aboard the ferry at all .Just as it was ready to leave we were told to go next door with our luggage and book on the ferry ( not a great start) Worried about return transfers when we arrived at hotel, informed our rep would see us at 1700 waited in lobby for an hour no one arrived, hotel then took it on themselves to try and sort it out.Wasnt until the 6th day we were told it would be ok.Communication terrible

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