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Mahé (SEZ)


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*From October 2017

Seychelles Travel Guide The Complete Guide to the Seychelles

Map of the Seychelles

At A Glance

Seychelles - even the name alone evokes ideas of a remote island paradise, lined with palm trees, white sand, and turquoise ocean; of never-ending summer, a lightness of being, tropical scents, colours, and flavours. While all these things ring true, the Seychelles are so much more than that, being a truly varied and multi-faceted holiday destination.

Flora, Fauna & Nature

Uninhabited until the 18th century, the Seychelles spawned a rich variety of flora and fauna, most of which has survived the test of time. Thanks to its isolation, many species have thrived here where they did not elsewhere, giving the Seychelles a unique heritage of flora and fauna species for you to enjoy.

The Islands

The 115 granite and coral islands of the Seychelles are spread out across an enormous 1,000,000 km² area of the Indian Ocean, just south of the equator. These islands are divided into two categories: the Inner Islands and the Outer Islands.

Things to Do

The Seychelles are a varied, well-rounded holiday destination, with plenty of restaurants, sights and sounds, activities, and excursions for you to enjoy!