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Beach "Anse Petite Cour" · Praslin

  • Anse Petite Cour, Praslin
    • Snorkeling
    • Coral reef
    • Shade
    • Restaurant
    • WC
    • Parking
    • Photo-friendly


The beach boasts excellent views of the marine park and Curieuse island, as well as impressive granite formations at one end of the beach. Besides that, the beach restaurant built on stilts over the water is a great feature.


  • 240m x 4m - some visitors, mostly from the Domaine de la Réserve hotel
  • Shallow water - a little seaweed most of the year
  • Beach can disappear at high tide - small, calm waves
  • Excellent snorkelling beach with stunning views
  • Great for snorkelling and relaxation


At a Glance:

  • Smallish, fairly popular beach on the north coast of Praslin, right next to the Domaine de la Réserve hotel.
  • Most guests will be from the hotel itself, but the beach also attracts snorkelling fans from across the island.
  • The restaurant of the hotel is just a few minutes’ walk from the beach.
  • Shade provides protection from the sun.
  • Non-guests of the hotel should obtain permission from the Domaine de la Réserve before arrival to avoid disappointment, as the hotel sometimes limits the number of visitors to the beach.


Anse Petit Cour is a smallish, beautiful bay on the long northern coast of Praslin island, the Seychelles’ second-largest island. The water here is shallow and protected by a coral reef, ensuring calm water most of the year. The sandy surface of the beach is beautiful, but there is often a little bit of seaweed present, especially at the start of the north-west trade wind in December. That said, the bay offers plenty to ensure a pleasant, relaxing visit.

Getting to the beach is relatively simple, especially for guests of the nearby hotel. Those coming from further afield on the island can arrive by car or bus thanks to the nearby main road, however parking at the hotel is reserved for guests of the resort itself, so parking can be tricky. In addition, non-guests of the hotel are sometimes restricted to avoid over-crowding on Anse Petit Cour, so visitors are advised to check ahead to avoid disappointment.

The beach is well-known for being a snorkelling paradise, with the beautiful underwater coral scenery making for an exciting sight. The ocean here is also calm and flat enough to lend itself well to windsurfing, although this is a somewhat rarer sight. The resort contains other facilities of interest, including a restaurant which is built on stilts over the ocean; a truly spectacular, unique experience. The beach is also home to a unique tree, known locally as the Patience Tree. The fruit of this tree is called the ‘Puzzle Nut’ thanks to its interlocking seeds that are difficult to reassemble once separated! Finally, at one end of the beach lie some impressive granite boulders which are well-suited to photography.

Anse Petit Cour offers plenty of variety and a few unique features to make it well-worth a visit even for non-guests of the nearby hotel. That said, the vast majority of visitors will be staying at the Réserve, so guests of this hotel will likely become very well-acquainted with this beautiful bay during their holiday on Praslin.

Nearby restaurants:

    • Pool Grill Restaurant
    • creole, international 
    • 0.2 km
    • Phone:
      +248 4 29 80 00
      Opening hours:
      Mon-Sun: 12am - 2.30pm
      La Reserve, Anse Petit Cour
      cash (SCR / € / $), credit card

      Enjoy delicious fish or meat from the grill next to the pool of the Domaine de la Réserve hotel under open blue skies. The food here is prepared by experienced chefs, and also includes delicious salads for your lunchtime meal, whose light textures are perfect on warm Seychelles days.

    • St. Pierre Restaurant
    • 0.7 km
    • Phone:
      +248 4 29 32 93
      Opening hours:
      Mon-Sun: 12.30pm - 3pm,
      4pm - 5pm,
      7pm - 9.30pm
      Paradise Sun Hotel, Anse Volbert
      cash (SCR / € / $), credit card

      Here, guests can enjoy delicious cocktails, fresh fish dishes, tropical fruits, and an excellent view of the turquoise ocean. Those who want to spend a romantic evening with their partner will find much to like about this restaurant. The traditional music is just the icing on the cake.

    • E-mail:
      Cote d'Or, Anse Volbert

      Le Duc de Praslin is well-known by locals as a gourmet restaurant. Besides its great beach location and the artistic decoration, the delicious food here is the real star of the show. Enjoy an after dinner drink in the rooftop bar with its astounding view.

    • Le Dauphin
    • creole, international 
    • 4.5 of 5 112 Reviews  
    • 1.1 km
    • Phone:
      +248 4 29 48 00
      Opening hours:
      Mon-Sun: 7.30am - 10pm
      Hotel Le Duc de Praslin, Baie Ste. Anne
      cash (SCR / € / $), credit card

      This open restaurant, located in a lush orchid garden with its own fish pond, benefits from a really romantic atmosphere. The restaurant offers the best of the best of Creole cuisine, including fish carpaccio, a choice of different curries with coconut milk and cinnamon, or a variety of different fruity cocktails. These delicacise can also be enjoyed at the pool by candlelight.

    • Pizzeria Berjaya Praslin Beach Hotel
    • creole, italian 
    • 2.5 of 5 320 Reviews  
    • 1.1 km
    • Phone:
      +248 4 28 62 86
      Opening hours:
      Mon-Sun: 11am - 10pm
      Berjaya Praslin Beach Hotel, Anse Volbert
      cash (SCR / € / $), credit card

      The pizzaria of the Barjaya Praslin Beach Hotel is located right on the ocean with a beautiful view of the Cote d'Or and the offshore island of Chauve Souris. Non-guests of the hotel are also welcome to come here to enjoy the delicious Italian food, as well as some Creole specialties.

    • La Goulue
    • creole, international 
    • 4.0 of 5 522 Reviews  
    • 1.7 km
    • Phone:
      +248 4 23 22 23
      Opening hours:
      Mon-Sat: 8am - 9.30pm
      Côte d'Or
      cash (SCR / € / $), credit card

      This small restaurant includes a café and a beautiful view of Anse Volbert. It serves up delicious Creole cuisine at a fair price.

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