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Beach "Anse Possession" · Praslin

  • Anse Possession, Praslin
    • Fishing
    • Swimming
    • Snorkeling
    • Coral reef
    • Shade
    • Family-friendly
    • Restaurant
    • WC
    • Parking
    • Photo-friendly


The view of Curieuse and the small fishing village where you can often see fishermen going about their business. There are also some coconut trees that blend in with the granite formations to make for some great photographs.


  • 500m x 6m - east end is busier than the west end
  • Seaweed usually present after heavy rainfall and during north-west trade winds
  • Normal tide and small waves, except for during bad weather
  • Shallow-water and plenty of shade
  • Good for swimming, snorkelling, and fishing


At a Glance:

  • A relatively busy beach on Praslin, popular among the guests of the small guesthouses that are found at one end of the beach.
  • Very family-friendly thanks to the shallow water and protection from the open ocean provided by the coral reef.
  • Some guesthouses and self-catering accommodations can be found towards the east end of the beach, making this area busier than the oft-deserted west end of the beach.
  • Easy-access to cars and pedestrians.
  • Plenty of natural shade provides protection from the sun.


Anse Possession lies in the north-east of Praslin, in between Anse Pasiquière and Anse Petite Coeur. It offers a variety of activities, including swimming, snorkelling, and fishing, and is family-friendly too thanks to its shallow water. The bay is also protected by a coral reef, ensuring a calm ocean surface. However, during bad weather, the tide can cover the beach, making the water especially deep, and the waves can reach the nearby road. Most of the time, however, the beach is calm, safe, and beautiful.

Access to the beach is easiest via car, with plenty of parking spaces available along the road that runs adjacent to the beach. There are also a number of small guesthouses and self-catering accommodations at the east-end of the beach, many of whom will serve dinner on-request. Guests of these establishments can enjoy a short walk to access the beach.

Anse Possession is extremely family-friendly thanks to its shallow water and protection from the open ocean. The drop off is about 300m away from the shore, so the water is perfectly safe for even the most nervous swimmer. Besides paddling in the water, visitors can enjoy snorkelling or fishing, or simply relaxing on the beach or under the shade provided by the nearby trees.

The beach as a whole has quite a few visitors, but they tend to be concentrated at the east-end of the beach, where most of the guesthouses are. There are also some local fishermen who use this end of the beach for their fishing activity, so anyone looking for a more peaceful day at the beach should stick to the west-end of the beach. Anyone coming to the beach early in the morning should be careful of stingrays in the water, as they can be potentially dangerous.

A good all-rounder, with shallow water and a safe distance to the drop off, making it a great place for families or couples to enjoy the warmth of the Indian Ocean. Anse Possession is especially popular with patrons of such guesthouses as the Tropical Paradise, Hideaway Apartments, and the Sea View Lodge, all a part of our programme. Therefore, for anyone staying at one of these establishments, we’d especially recommend a trip to Anse Possession.

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    • creole, international 
    • 0.9 km
    • Phone:
      +248 4 29 80 00
      Opening hours:
      Mon-Sun: 12am - 2.30pm
      La Reserve, Anse Petit Cour
      cash (SCR / € / $), credit card

      Enjoy delicious fish or meat from the grill next to the pool of the Domaine de la Réserve hotel under open blue skies. The food here is prepared by experienced chefs, and also includes delicious salads for your lunchtime meal, whose light textures are perfect on warm Seychelles days.

    • St. Pierre Restaurant
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    • Phone:
      +248 4 29 32 93
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      4pm - 5pm,
      7pm - 9.30pm
      Paradise Sun Hotel, Anse Volbert
      cash (SCR / € / $), credit card

      Here, guests can enjoy delicious cocktails, fresh fish dishes, tropical fruits, and an excellent view of the turquoise ocean. Those who want to spend a romantic evening with their partner will find much to like about this restaurant. The traditional music is just the icing on the cake.

    • E-mail:
      Cote d'Or, Anse Volbert

      Le Duc de Praslin is well-known by locals as a gourmet restaurant. Besides its great beach location and the artistic decoration, the delicious food here is the real star of the show. Enjoy an after dinner drink in the rooftop bar with its astounding view.

    • Le Dauphin
    • creole, international 
    • 4.5 of 5 112 Reviews  
    • 1.6 km
    • Phone:
      +248 4 29 48 00
      Opening hours:
      Mon-Sun: 7.30am - 10pm
      Hotel Le Duc de Praslin, Baie Ste. Anne
      cash (SCR / € / $), credit card

      This open restaurant, located in a lush orchid garden with its own fish pond, benefits from a really romantic atmosphere. The restaurant offers the best of the best of Creole cuisine, including fish carpaccio, a choice of different curries with coconut milk and cinnamon, or a variety of different fruity cocktails. These delicacise can also be enjoyed at the pool by candlelight.

    • Pizzeria Berjaya Praslin Beach Hotel
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      +248 4 28 62 86
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      Berjaya Praslin Beach Hotel, Anse Volbert
      cash (SCR / € / $), credit card

      The pizzaria of the Barjaya Praslin Beach Hotel is located right on the ocean with a beautiful view of the Cote d'Or and the offshore island of Chauve Souris. Non-guests of the hotel are also welcome to come here to enjoy the delicious Italian food, as well as some Creole specialties.

    • PK's @ Paquire Restaurant and Gastro Pub
    • creole, international 
    • 4.5 of 5 282 Reviews  
    • 1.9 km
    • Phone:
      +248 4 23 62 42
      Anse Boudin
      cash (SCR / € / $), credit card

      This beautifully-located restaurant offers a stunning view of Curieuse Island. The menu here is changed on a regular basis, ensuring variety and a number of specialties which will surprise you. The adjoining bar also offers incredibly refreshing cocktails or long drinks, making for a really special evening.

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