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    • ★★★★★Marko Jouko Kristian06.02.2018 08:17

    • Everything was excellent on the SeyVillas services from the booking of the trip via web page
      and email communication to the actual holiday trip and arrangements during it.
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    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★☆

      Seychelles certainly did have those paradise locations what we came to see and experience for. We liked the creole food and mostly also enjoyed the people's hospitality. In some places we did not quite get the usual friendly service.

      Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Mahé★★★☆☆


      Transfers to and from accommodation were excellent. The service from the resort staff lacked friendliness and promptness. E.g. when we arrived we got a room only at 2pm and then the room that we got was in the condition that the previous guests had left it. So it was not cleaned at all. Eventually we got a new room instead but we were weary from the long travel to Seychelles so we would have liked to have a smooth and friendly wellcome.

      Le Relax Beach Resort Praslin★★★★★


      Transfers to and from accommodation were excellent. Very friendly staff and excellent food. Seems like the smaller the accommodation the better the service. Beautiful location with garden and superb beach.

      La Diguoise La Digue★★★★★


      Transfers to and from accommodation were again excellent. Very friendly staff and excellent food. Again seems like the smaller the accommodation the better the service. Beautiful location with garden.


      Transfers services were excellent throughout our holiday.

    • ★★★★☆Willem05.02.2018 18:14

    • Everything worked fine
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    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      Closest place to Paradise I have been

      Crown Beach Hotel Mahé★★★★★


      A wonderfull resort where we enjoyed a very relaxing and pleasant stay for almost a week.

      Villa Bananier Praslin★★★★☆


      Everything we needed was present. We had 4 great days on Praslin.

      Le Relax Hotel & Restaurant Mahé★★☆☆☆


      We only stayed one night in the Relax hotel. A bit isolated place, we had a room that obvious was not cleaned after the last inhabitants. The sheets in the bed were dirty, used tissues between the sheets, pencil capsule on the small bed table and papers in the bathroom closet. After our call the sheets were replaced, but not after some critical questons were asked. We arrived between 3 and 4 pm and needed a bed for one night because our plane was leaving next morning. But still the person responsible asked whether we made the stains ourselves, and why did not we notice the stains earlier? The pillows and duvet cover did not need change according to this representative. In the restaurant they could not serve fresh juice because the machine was broken. Same story for the capucino: machine broken. Next morning we told again our complaints during check out. After half an hour the manager proposed a deduction of 10% of our dining bill of € 60,-. We paid the dining bill in full of course. Maybe we had a very bad moment in the life of this hotel. But when I compare the Relax with the other hotels we visited on the Seychelles I dare say that management is not very present.


    • ★★★★★Niina Katariina27.01.2018 18:27

    • Must say I'm more than pleased with the service we got from the SeyVillas: from the first contact by e-mail to the actual journey with the transportation from the airport to the hotel and to the next destination. And the hotel we were recommended by the SeyVillas was lovely!
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    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      Paradise! Worth waiting for definitely: friendly people, good food, not too many tourists...loved it.

      Dhevatara Beach Hotel Praslin★★★★★


      As I mentioned before: Hotel Dhevatara was great! Manager Rene and his staff were friendly and knew what they were doing, so it was easy to enjoy and relax during our stay. Really felt cosy...with luxury touch :-).


      Transfer service was great: always in time and friendly. We didn't have to take care of anything else than just be in the right place at the right time. Thank you so much!!!

    • ★★★★☆Brent24.01.2018 16:30

    • Fairly easy to use. Would like to see the credit card processing fee removed.
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    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★☆

      Amazing beaches! Fun to drive around the island and find your own private beach for the day.

      La Casa Grande Praslin★★★☆☆


      Villa La Casa Grande is in a fantastic location. Very large and spacious. We were disappointed that for the price we paid that simple things such as a fan in the fairly hot living room were not offered. The lighting in the bedroom was not very ideal. Also, they could have included at least 1 gb of internet as that only cost a extremely small fraction of what we paid for the week. Also, the drinking water tank was only half full upon arrival and we were asked to pay for another. When we explained that we only received a half full water bottle for the water cooler they did promptly purchase and deliver a new one for us. The person that manages the property stops by twice a day, which once again at the price we were paying seemed to be slightly intrusive. Though, they were very kind and made sure our needs were met. We appreciated that the home came with some basic food for cooking. The villa was fairly clean and well maintained. The distance to the beach is not a very comfortable walk as the hills are extremely steep, so we were glad we had a car. Do note that there is a small hotel next door and a home on the other side of the villa that play extremely loud music. Sometimes this happens till late into the night. There is also a group of Rastas that hold a service up the hill and play music. Just be aware that while this is a fairly secluded location, it is not quiet (out of the control of the owner).


    • ★★★★★Heidi22.01.2018 18:09

    • Easy booking process, quick replies and updated offers. Really easy way of booking all at once from one place.
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    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★☆

      Great destination for families and everyone who enjoys nature & beauty of the islands. Diving is also great. As a negative is the terrible and overpriced food, so self-catering is a good option. La Digue is definetly my favorite of the islands.

      La Diguoise La Digue★★★★☆


      Beautyful guesthouse with excellent service. We had to change room because of loud neighbours, but it was all well handled.

      The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach Mahé★★★★☆


      Nice 5 star resort, service not the standard it should be, but overall a really nice resort


      Everything as booked, some of the vehicles were a bit outdated and did not feel safe

    • ★★★★☆Jakob dige22.01.2018 14:59

    • .
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★☆


      Silhouette Sea Star & Sea Bird Seychelles★★★★☆


      Sea Star. Good service from the staff and was allways feeling safe on board and on the exspeditions. Very Nice with glutenfree food for my wife.


    • ★★★★☆Dan-Eric08.01.2018 17:21

    • First, we found the website absolutely excellent for planning our trip to the Seychelles. All bookings and transfers worked very smoothly. The Creole representatives that came and talked to us on Mahe and on Praslin were not up to the same standards as everything else. Especially the representative on Praslin did not give much accurate information and never called us back about rental cars as he promised.
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    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★☆☆

      We generally liked the Seychelles. It was interesting to see three islands (Mahe, Praslin and La Digue) and we spent the right number of days on each island. The beaches were excellent, although on Praslin and La Digue many beaches are useful for swimming only a few hours around high tide. The fact that private landowners prevent access to public beaches is sad, as is the fact that they have managed to dump enormous barriers of sharp rocks on the beach to prevent people to walk from one beach along to the next. Walking on trails and swimming at the surf beaches were fantastic, and made the trip a memorable one. The food is not particularly exciting but extremely expensive.

      Romance Bungalows Mahé★★★★☆


      The managers and staff were very friendly and helpful. They gave much more good advice than the people from Creole. The room standard and internet was not very good, but the friendliness made up for that many times over.

      Chateau Sans Souci Praslin★★★★★


      This was an excellent place with super friendly and helpful managers and staff. The rooms had very high standard and fast internet everywhere. Everything was absolutely perfect here.

      La Diguoise La Digue★★★★★


      Again, the managers and staff was extremely helpful and friendly, and their food was excellent. Room standard was very good, but internet was slow and only worked at the reception.


      Worked every time.

    • ★★★★★William05.01.2018 15:05

    • fantastic range of hotels/villas and you fixed a small complication over xmas regarding min no of nights / gala dinner etc thanks.
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    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★☆

      Pluses first . . . . Jurassic park scenery. Great beaches. Clean seas. Lovely climate. Hotels we stayed at were lovely MANY THANKS WE WILL BE COMING BACK . . . see below reviews. Minuses . . . . rip off metered taxi fares 50 euro for a 20 min ride?? Some kind of cartel going on?? . . . only realistic alternative for tourists is to rent a car as buses will not take luggage and many bus drivers seem angry about something ?? so leads to some exciting rides!! Buses are in very poor order mechanically and belching diesel fumes . . . which for an "eco" philosophy (as Seychelles trying to brand themselves) is a very bad example. Also hard to understand routes . . . maybe a tourist bus route handout would be welcome (islands too small really to warrant car hire if wanting to be "Eco". . . they MUST improve buses and make available to all). We are not complex bound tourists so tried walking to many different beaches . . . but footpaths often long overgrown and walking on roads is risky due to Buses. Fix up the footpaths please. Cycling was great in La digue though with limited vehicles (but getting more apparently). Food in Seychelles generally average and expensive and drinks too (Castello was commendably good though). Finally . . . One of best beaches on La Digue Anse Cocos now seems to be inaccessible on foot/bicycle. Also 3 of best beaches on Praslin owned by a golf course!! They do say who can come in! Finally sad to see BIG tortoises in little pens. Eco Seychelles govt should make more space for them.

      Chateau Saint Cloud La Digue★★★★☆


      Most beautiful place on the planet. Hotel is beautiful old colonial style with the very best quality fittings in rooms - a timeless beauty. Great gardens great pool great setting. Great staff. Food average . . . maybe we were a bit off season as only 3 tables were occupied for dinner . . . ?

      Castello Beach Hotel Praslin★★★★★


      Great room. Great staff. Great food. Great pool. 30 min walk to 4 of best beaches on the planet (3 owned by golf course - so permission needed). Many thanks.


    • ★★★★★Fabrizio02.01.2018 20:10

    • Quick and easy research and brilliant accomodation
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      A paradise, simple as that!

      The Beach House Mahé★★★★★


      Really nice Villa close to a beautiful beach and few minutes walk away from Beau Vallon. Beautiful and spacious rooms, clean and comfy. Me and my wife really had a delightful time, we also recommend to try the Creole dinner! Cheerful and super polite Staff made our stay memorable. Thank you All. Fabrizio & Glenda


    • ★★★★★Paul19.12.2017 16:17

    • All fine.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★☆

      Very nice

      The Beach House Mahé


      Good location. Nice room with lovely Seaview terrace. Super breakfast. Friendly. Value for money.


    • ★★★★★Meredith Austin18.12.2017 17:17

    • The only hitch with booking was the time difference between Germany and Colorado - otherwise the staff was quick to respond to emails and very helpful.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      Incredible honeymoon location - we had the best experiences at all of the resorts - it was a lovely time of year to be there. Transfers were seamless and on time. The food at all locations was delicious.

      Constance Ephelia Mahé★★★★★


      Like a camp for adults - options of being on the N or S beach, zip lining, lounging, super attentive staff. Buffet has so many options and the Michelin star restaurant was a truly over the top experience. The 'cove' beach area was pristine and beautiful. Very relaxing. Best spa we'd ever experienced.

      Bird Island Lodge Bird Island★★★★★


      Not sure what words could be used to describe this gem of a place - beautiful and a true retreat - you literally feel like you are the only person on the whole island. We arrived to a stormy night and the waves sound like they are just feet from your room. Walking the entirety of the island each day was wonderful, beaches had some seagrass, which was a little impeding to the snorkeling but thats nature! The tortoises and birds, the nature walks with Robby - all just little moments that put you at ease and wish you could come back again and again.

      Raffles Praslin


      Excellent service - 5* all the time. Staff knew our names everywhere we went. The fusion restaurant was our favorite restaurant of the trip. We loved our villa, as it was the end unit and very private. Pool was stunning, massages were great.


      Always on time - comfortable and courteous.

    • ★★★★★Benjamin James17.12.2017 07:57

    • Brilliant service throughout the entire process. Thanks so much!
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    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      Lovely islands, friendly people, beautiful scenery. Only down-side was that we felt a little uncertain about the safety of leaving our car and carrying around expensive equipment with us a few times.

      Tropical Hideaway Mahé★★★★★


      Great self catering accommodation, clean, well equipped and spacious. Great hosts and management team also.


    • ★★★★☆Adrian02.12.2017 21:02

    • When we booked we had no knowledge at all about the Seychelles and put ourselves totally in the hands of Gessica from Seyvillas. She advised on the choice of hotel, the type of cruise and the apartment on Mahe. It turned out that Gessica gave great advice, with all three being superb. We have rated this 4stars, only because we had to chase to receive the hotel vouchers. But we can assure you that everything went well, with bookings and transfers all being handled efficiently.
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    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      Awesome! Totally awesome. We had an amazing time. Our decision to start off with an island cruise by catamaran was totally the right choice. Time stood still and the week felt like two weeks. We saw some wonderful places and can thoroughly recommend the Seychelles. They should be on everyone's wish list. We had a great crew who made everything feel so special. Terence the chef was able to conjure up some great dishes every day, and has a fantastic way with fish. All the islands have a different character, and sailing between them was a nice way to get a taste of each. Coming ashore for our final week was also a good way to relax and soak up some sun. Beau Vallon on Mahe was a good choice - plenty of quality restaurants and bars to hand.

      Eden Bleu Hotel Mahé★★★★★


      We rate the hotel as five stars. The staff were welcoming and friendly and made every effort to allow us access to our room as early as possible (we arrived at 8 am after a long flight). Our room was very comfortable and clean and made a great stepping stone to joining the boat.

      Dream Yacht Praslin Dream Seychelles★★★★★


      We give this five stars as well. We were a bit anxious as to how we would get on with the other guests and the crew, but we soon formed some good friendships. The boat is big enough to spread out and not be on top of each other. The food was really enjoyable - don't expect haute cuisine but better than that it is good, honest well-cooked home-style and very nourishing. The itinerary is superb and you see so much. It is so tranquil and we anchored most nights which is so peaceful. Any drawback ? Perhaps some may find the rooms small and with no aircon at night they can be stifling. But there is always the option to sleep outside under the stars.

      Beau Bamboo Mahé★★★★★


      The photos on the internet do not do justice to this lovely apartment. It is much bigger than you expect. The location is perfect and we rate it five stars. Angie, the owner is extremely helpful and willing to help or advise. Small touches made us feel very special. Well done Angie. Some good restaurants nearby and the beach is just fantastic and was never crowded. We took a fishing trip which we booked from a kiosk and it was great value -€350 well spent, and a must for anyone who fancies some deep-seafishing without the expense of having a large charter boat. We caught loads. Ask for Vincent as your skipper. He has great knowledge.


      All worked well and every transfer was punctual. Five stars.

    • ★★★★☆Myrto27.11.2017 23:10

    • Service was very good and all stuff were helpful
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      It was lovely break. The sea, places and cuisine were worth it, I totally recommend it! Drawbacks: It is generally overpriced holiday destination and the day is very short so it gets dark at 18.30 and dinner places close after 22.00

      Hide Away Praslin★★★★☆


      Daniel and his wife were very friendly and helpful. However I believe the room was expensive for two persons. It was a shame there were no double rooms left and we were given a large flat that could accommodate 5 (!) people.


      Not applicable.

    • ★★★★☆Edward William19.11.2017 10:16

    • Perfectly managed with n o problems at all
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      4 days on bird island were perfect as usual

      Bird Island Lodge Bird Island★★★★★


      perfect for my needs

      VPM Cocktail Praslin Seychelles★★★★★


      Now that was outstanding. What a fantastic crew and experience. We found a whale shark in the middle of nowhere and swam with it for 20 minutes. Plus the skippers knowledge ( got us to places before the crowd arrived. Fantastic

      L'Habitation Cerf Island★★★☆☆


      A bit of a let down with a very bad experience with one of the staff. I suggested that the owner should get rid of him if he wanted his business to grow.


      very well organised but, you should make it clearer that all costs are not inclusive. This is my only suggestion. Otherwise a great company to do business with.

    • ★★★★★Roman Sysak03.11.2017 12:00

    • SeyVillas service was outstanding that you want from travel agent. Keep up great work!!!
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      Great fishing spot !!!



    • ★★★★★Aviv Tron24.10.2017 06:36

    • Always here to help with any question. and every answer is nice and straight to the point
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      The perfect holiday, I would recommend to anyone to go the the Seychelles

      Le Domaine de La Reserve Praslin★★★★☆


      Great hotel- you have almost everything in it, big rooms, well equipped, good view to the ocean, nice beach, great swimming pool, and very friendly staff.

      Le Relax Luxury Lodge La Digue★★★☆☆


      Nice hotel, a bit far of the center of the city. the little swimming pool is irrelevant. the beach of the hotel is tiny. Just for sleeping- the rooms are great! and the shower is perfect.


      The transfers were very well arranged, with a VIP reception every time. If you dwell on taking it or not- it's worth every penny!

    • ★★★★☆Anouk Lauwerijssen15.10.2017 20:03

    • Always a fast respons if i had any questions. Very smooth communication. A lot of option where possible.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      We had a lovely holliday, everything was great! The children also loved it. We asked for baby cots, only all of the accomodations had only one babycot but they all want to think in solutions and where very kind.

      Beach Villa Guesthouse Praslin★★★★★


      We had a great stay at Beach villa guesthouse. Very good service, our luggage was missing when we arrived, the owner of Beach villa arranged everything and kept is up to date. The food was very good, beceause of the kids it was possible tot have dinner at the veranda in front of the room. (Very good WiFi!!)

      La Diguoise La Digue★★★★★


      Very nice (big) room, the kids loved this place. The garden is very big and the loved to run (we had to keep an eye beceause of the swimming pool and pond). Very good services, and the food was great!! Every time something different. (Only (slow)WiFi at the reception ????)

      Stephna Residence Mahé★★★★★


      Loved this place! Nice owner and staff they where very helpfull. Very clean house!


      Did not booked any transfer service

    • ★★★★★Angie Snell Bennett05.10.2017 21:34

    • I've traveled the world and never used a travel agent. Seyvillas did everything they said they would do. They are working with a very competent group on the Islands that do this for a living. They have it all well laid out.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★☆☆

      We are not beach people. Everything went fine, and we had a good enough time, but it certainly wasn't anything all that special that we couldn't have gotten in any Polynesian Island.

      Hotel L'Archipel Praslin★★★★☆


      Very clean. Staff was very helpful - villas are well laid out with lots of privacy. Beach is very clean. While breakfast was good and I loved that they kept the pastries warm, dinner and lunch were not that great. There is not much close, so they have a captive audience. Love the pool and the villas.


      Perfect, and very pleasant.

    • ★★★★★Mark David Aylett26.09.2017 15:37

    • Prior to holiday it was excellent communication and extremely helpful
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      La Digue was a wonderful destination and the hotel was on a promontory with superb views to 3 sides from our room, the hotel food was ok not great although they did try hard, staff were excellent at all times and very helpful.

      Patatran La Digue★★★★☆


      Hotel was good but looking tired, our room had faulty lights and tv but sorted very quickly once reported


      Not expected at airport so no record of our arrivals that in turn impacted on our transfer to La Digue,we had no tickets to board the ferry so sat in Creole office for 3 hours with no communication as to if we were going to get aboard the ferry at all .Just as it was ready to leave we were told to go next door with our luggage and book on the ferry ( not a great start) Worried about return transfers when we arrived at hotel, informed our rep would see us at 1700 waited in lobby for an hour no one arrived, hotel then took it on themselves to try and sort it out.Wasnt until the 6th day we were told it would be ok.Communication terrible

    • ★★★★☆Margaret Devlin25.09.2017 16:24

    • The service was very good and any questions I had were answered quickly.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★☆☆

      This was our fourth holiday in Seychelles over 20 years therefore we were aware of the facilities and attractions there. Unfortunately on our third night in Praslin we were attacked and robbed while walking to a restaurant. Police were called and we had to go to hospital where my husband was treated for extensive injuries. This had a definite negative impact on our holiday.

      Berjaya Praslin Resort Praslin★★★★☆


      We had stayed here on 3 previous holidays. The accommodation was good and staff very helpful. After the attack incident they were excellent and helped us a great deal including moving us to another room because the key for the room we had been in was in the bag which was stolen.


      We did not use the transfer service.

    • ★★☆☆☆Johannes Haanen23.08.2017 14:56

    • The service received from Seyvillas was perfect. The apartment Oceane Self Catering La Digue was not!! Most of the inside of the family apartment was ok; good airco, big beds, enough storage room, big bathroom. There were about 30 (!!) cushions stored in the apartment. When we let the water out of the big bathtub the water leaked all over the floor. Shower was very good. The kitchen was outside and it was a disaster. Mold was all over the cutlery and inside the cabinets. The water cooker leaked water, the coffee machine looked dirty, there was a tiny fridge/minibar (later we discovered that there was another one inside which we didn't know of), the can opener didn't work. This kitchen was absolutely not suitable for self catering (if fact I think it was dangerous, we didn't want to get food poisoning) en got our food at the take-away restaurant every day. We told the owner(?) got another water cooker and can opener but nothing was cleaned. Also around the whole complex it was a mess (so much stuff on a very small terrain), nothing like the idyllic photo's and they where making some new building. The last day there was another woman present which was very friendly and helpfull en let us take a shower although we already checked out. We would not book this accommodation again.
    • ★★★★★rob milofsky20.08.2017 17:24

    • Our accommodations were fantastic! Each villa/apartment was EXACTLY as described. The booking process with SeyVillas was simple, fast and the communications superb. We felt like we received personal treatment from the moment we exited the airport in Mahe with a representative waiting for us at each transfer point. Really enjoyed our time on Praslin, La Digue and Cerf Island. We highly recommend using SeyVillas to book a vacation to these stunning islands. Breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches, friendly people and warm clear waters. Self-catering accommodations allowed us to eat in or out whenever we pleased - perfect way to relax.
    • ★★★★★Godfrey Dack22.07.2017 15:57

    • We have recently returned from an eleven day trip to the Seychelles, island hopping; Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue, stopping in small B&B guest houses.

      The Beach House on Mahe is situated at the northern end of Beau Vallon bay. Our impression on arriving was slightly disappointing as it was situated right on the land-side of the main road which goes around the north part of the island. However, as we settled in, we found the accommodation absolutely fine, with the staff exceptionally helpful and friendly. After dodging the traffic, we found the beach in front of the guest house really picturesque and relaxing. The Beach House was far enough away from the main part of Beau Vallon to avoid the main boom-box circuit (!) but near enough to access a selection of local eating places. We used the sand-floored Baobab pizzeria a lot for it's speedy service of simple, reasonably priced food. Driving is good (except for Victoria!) and relatively cheap on the island so we hired a car for a day to explore the south coast.

      After a slightly choppy transfer on the Cat Cocos ferry to Praslin we ended up at the Cote d'Or Chalets on Anse Volbert. This was a real find – superb, quiet, top-class and spacious accommodation, yards from one of the best beaches on the island. The chalets had fully equipped kitchens so we used the two nearby mini markets to provide us with a good range of supplies so we could go self-catering on Praslin. (There are no private beaches on the Seychelles, so far as I know, and we derived great satisfaction from mingling, on the nearest beach, with the clientele of some of the supposed top-class hotels knowing we had paid a fraction of the price for our brilliant chalet accommodation!). Marie-May, the assistant manager at the chalets was really helpful and friendly.

      Next on to La Digue. The Bamboo Chalets (we were in the slightly larger de-luxe chalets) were in a very peaceful tropical garden, only five minutes walk from the harbour and, like all the accommodation we used, was immaculately clean and spacious. We found a spectacular beach (just before the Union Estate), ten minutes walk away from the chalet, which we had to ourselves. We also hired bikes for a day, though ended up preferring to walk! In some ways it was sad to see the demise of the ox-carts and the rise of the golf-buggies (and mobile phones!) but such is life. We had take-aways a couple of nights which were cheap & cheerful but finished off with a meal at Le Repaire – expensive but top-class service.

      Lastly I have to say that throughout the trip the 'included' breakfasts were all really good!

      In conclusion, just a few points:

      1. We set of with the intention of enjoying the Seychelles on a limited budget. If you are careful, although the Seychelles is not a cheap country - practically everything has to be imported - you don't need a fortune in spending money. We used £350 spending money for our time on the islands, although we did self-cater a bit and use take-aways occasionally. Don't rely on the internet for advance pricing – Creole buffet at 'The Boat House' in Beau Vallon on the net was advertised as 125scr, but was actually 450scr pp. Also, ask the locals if the tap water is ok – it was on Praslin.
      2. Transfers were prompt but very silent! A little chat about the journey would have been nice especially in view of their cost!!
      3. Although we live in England as you know we used Seyvillas, a German travel agent who were superb. We were impressed by your efficiency and complete transparency in your dealings. Your website must be the most complete and comprehensive guide on the net to the Seychelles. Great! However I wish we could say the same about the ground handling agents Creole Travel Services (who have also been local agents on one of my previous visits). Their rep couldn't be bothered to even contact us on Mahe and when I asked the reps on the other islands if they could do something about the seven hour scheduled wait in the Seychelles airport at the start of our return journey, they seemed completely disinterested and in the end we were in fact just dumped at the airport door, (on previous trips I had been taken to nearby hotels, etc to wait in more pleasant surroundings). It was even more galling to note that the other alternative ground-agent, Masons, seemed to take much more interest in catering for their clients. This was not a busy time for Creole and I just think they need to sharpen their act up. For many people this would be the trip of a lifetime and, in contrast to the immigration officials at the airport who were very welcoming, Creole seemed rather complacent in their attitude.
      4 We travelled in late June when Praslin and La Digue were very sparsely populated with other tourists! Don't know why but we liked it!!

      Thank you Seyvillas for a brilliant holiday!
    • ★★★★★Carlos Luz21.07.2017 12:18

    • We booked our trip in 2013 with Seyvillas and we absolutely loved everything about the accomodations and they recommendations. Will definitely use their services again when we return soon :)
    • ★★★★★DHAWAL GANDHI30.06.2017 18:52

    • we got a good deal from seavillas at Berjaya Praslin. Enjoyed the holidays. Thanks seyvillas!
    • ★★★★★Maria Charles30.04.2017 12:37

    • Highly recommend sea view lodge on Praslin, the owner Gretel and Barry are very helpful.
      The villas on stilts are beautiful with lovely sea views.
      Enjoyed the lovely breakfast at reasonable costs.
    • ★★★★★Annika30.03.2017 16:42

    • - Awesome villa in Seychelles
      - Quick and easy to book
      - Clear communication on payments and so on
    • ★★★★☆Karin Martin17.03.2017 15:42

    • We have been happy with the logistical service Seyvillas has given us during planning and booking, as well as relating to the organisation of travel/transport in the Seychelles. However, your advice on one accommodation and the description of Anse Possession did not satisfy though.
      And are also a little critical of Creole Travel Service due to their inflexibility.
      Creole were reliable and punctual, and all transfers worked out well. However, in one situation we experienced them as rather inflexible: our last transfer was to take us from Mahé jetty to Mahé Airport at 18.30. Our Condor flight was scheduled to depart at 23.40. As there is no restaurant at the airport, we asked the Creole rep for a later transport so that we could take advantage of the "Fishtail" restaurant at the jetty (highly recommended, by the way - excellent Chinese food, very fresh and well cooked). This was refused by Creole as all passengers from the ferry had to be transferred to the airport in one bus at the same time. So we decided to drop our paid transfer (no offer of a rebait!), and paid for a taxi instead and got something decent to eat before our 10-hour flight. We were not too happy about this type of customer service.
      Our second criticism relates to Sea View Lodge on Praslin. To list the positives first: the view from the big stilt villa we had booked is indeed lovely, the position on the island is good, the garden is indeed beautiful, the villa itself is spacious, the balcony very nice, the kitchen is reasonably well equipped. The housemaid, Jane, is lovely and very helpful - and over-worked as she seems to be the only staff apart from the gardener and cook.
      And now the more difficult aspects: the owner, Gretchen, struck us as indolent and not too interested in welcoming her guests; on arrival, in fact, we experienced her manner as quite off-putting. We arrived around late lunch time and at first nobody seemed to wish to welcome us. It took a long time for Gretchen to surface and she clearly had little time or interest in us. Our departure was similar: nobody to say a goodbye, and - more importantly - nobody to give a hand with our suitcases! In-between, we also experienced that Gretchen can be more generous, such as when I was offered an avocado from her tree, when she let us have the hired car for free the last day in compensation for the broken-down AC unit in one room and allowed us to us a shower-room prior to our late departure.
      The appointment of our "Big Stilt Villa" (which has all the potential to be lovely, indeed) corresponded. The German word "lieblos" springs to mind: in one bathroom the rail for the towels had half come off the wall (it took 2 days to be fixed!), half the mattress in the bigger bedroom was lumpy und thus quite uncomfortable for one person, the second bathroom (contrary to the description on their website!) does not have a bidet, and the AC unit did not work. Someone came to fix it after 3 (!!) days, and then it half fell off the wall. We noticed that before it had been "repaired" with sella-tape - so clearly the owner knew about it being unreliable. And finally the food! After discussion on the phone with a Seyvillas rep in Germany who highly recommended the wonderful food and especially the dinner, we booked one breakfast and the first dinner (12 € and 30 € p.p. respectively = 168 and 420 Rupees). Here I feel let down by the Seyvillas advice! 168 Rupees bought us 2 pieces of toast, 2 cups of coffee, 1 small omelette,and 2 bananas!! And 420 Rupees bought a smallish salad first course, a badly cooked tuna curry, and 3 small scoops of ice-cream! I cannot understand how Seyvillas could recommend this!?! Or are you maybe not well informed about what goes on there? Particularly compared to prices of food & quality both in the other accommodations we had as well as in restaurants around this was a bad joke! Anyway, in the end Gretchen must have got wind of our disappointment and charged us "only" 10 € each for the breakfast, and, yes, we had the car for free the last day.
      My last, but very critical, point about it is that your recommendation of Anse Possession as a great beach for swimming and snorkelling, and as safe for families could not be more wrong: it could not be more unsafe due to the large number of extremely dangerous sting rays in the sand in the very shallow water. In fact, there is even a notice on the beach warning not to swim there! Apart from that, at close sight, the water is quite dirty and far too shallow even at high tide. You need to correct your description urgently!

      Our "top" accommodations during our stay:
      Bird Island Lodge gets full marks for quality (also of the food) and service, friendliness, professionalism, the nature guide Robby, and the villas are really lovely! Really a "must go" in Seychelles!
      And a place not on the Seyvillas list: Takamaka Green Village on Mahé (almost directly on Takamaka beach) - small, personal, beautiful, superbly well run, excellent food both for breakfast & dinner: lovely first-floor room with large balcony overlooking very nice garden with ample and very varied breakfast = 100€ a night for 2, dinner 20€ p.p. and again multiple courses, well cooked, nice variety. The owner is always there and charming, his manager is really good, very friendly, very professional, and there is a lot of support staff in the kitchen, for cleaning and for the very large grounds. That´s what a guest-house should be like!!
    • ★★★★★Rene Wyndham08.03.2017 17:47

    • I have already sent you a video of our fabulous time in La Digue, lots of photos and a written review to Gessica. Do let me know it if arrived safely as you offered a cash prize for photos and videos and I could not fill out your form and scan and sign it, as I only had an ipad mini with me.
      I am happy to write another review if you need one , but first I would like to be reassured that you received all that I wrote and photographed, via Gessica who was absolutely superb. She is excellent and so was our accommodation, all was just brilliant. But I thought you would already have received all my comments?? Please reassure me.
    • ★★★★☆Brigitte winiger09.02.2017 13:07

    • The hotel patatran is placed on one of the best place on la dique. We got a upgrade from deluxe rooom to honeymoonvilla. This villa is very large, with best view and very privat.only little details were not so good like Defect things in the bathroom. And the way to the villa was long a strength. Personal were very kind and helpful.in the restaurant the food was good and nice personal.the breakfast was good. But the personal was not so quickly on buffett. You have to say that no bread, butter are there and the big cooker was very unfriendly. The beach near the hotel is clean and very nice. You can rent bicycles directly by the hotel . It was a relaxed week in the patatran!
    • ★★★★★Beryl Nelson11.01.2017 18:32

    • Villa Pasyon.

      Me and 6 members of my family stayed in this villa from 22 to 28 Dec. It was absolutely superb and had everything we needed. The owners Annie and Rex lived next door and they were very kind and helpful and the breakfasts Annie served for us were delicious. I would have no hesitation is recommending this villa and would hope to return to this part of paradise. La Digue is a beautiful island. The booking was made in my daughter's name,
      Maria Painter and as far as I know all the arrangements with Seyvillas was very satisfactory. Thank you.
    • ★★★★☆Beryl Nelson11.01.2017 18:26

    • Me and 6 other members of my family stayed in villa Zananas from 16 to 22nd Dec 2016. We had a wonderful time. Villa Zananas is a large airy villa. It had most things we needed but could be improved by some simple things. There were no drawers in the bedroom to put clothes, just a hanging rail. The bathroom had no where to put toiletries. Nevertheless we had a lovely stay and would recommend this villa to friends and family. Marie who serviced the villa was very helpful. Thanks Marie. The villa was booked in my daughters name Maria Painter
    • ★★★★★Louisa30.12.2016 12:05

    • Thank you, thank you for making our wedding at the Seychelles unforgettable. Excellent service and arrangements. Our accommodation at Kempinski Resort was fabulous thank you for recommending them for accommodation. We were welcomed at the airport by Creole Tours. I can recommend using your company, good service, prompt response and the fact that you went out of your way to get us the 3 rooms next to each other with a terrace. Will make use of you again. Thank you to you and your team.
    • ★★★★★Dr. Zsolt Kenéz26.12.2016 10:21

    • Thank you for making our holiday beautiful and unforgettable! We'll come back ;)
    • ★★★★★Shelley06.12.2016 16:38

    • We booked a one week trip on a Catamaran through Seyvillas. Nothing was too much trouble the team were very informative and prompt to reply to any queries we had. Excellent service and advice . We would recommend the catamaran 600 trip if you would like to see lots of the Seychelles in one week, amazing experience. Thank you Seyvills team.
    • ★★★★★Keith Maiden17.11.2016 18:15

    • We stayed for. For 7 nights at Beau Bamboo in Beau Vallon and an extra night at Le Manglier near the airport. The first floor apartment at Beau Bamboo was a delight with its wonderful balcony overlooking the sea and the friendly help of the staff.

      We also found that the Seyvillas team were extremely efficient, helpful and quick to respond to any queries. Well done!
    • ★★★★★Magiel Janson12.11.2016 10:06

    • We just returned from a 2 weeks holiday on the Seychelles, where we stayed at Praslin, La Digue and Mahe. The accommodations in all locations were good. The pick-ups and drop-offs were also well arranged. The local travel agency Creole is not always on time though. Also, the local representatives did not show up on both Praslin and La Digue, even though we were given a notice that they would.
      Our overall experience with SeyVillas is excellent, and we would definitely recommend them when you are planning a trip to the Seychelles.
    • ★☆☆☆☆JORDI CUEVAS TOMAS16.10.2016 11:23

    • Being housed for 8 nights in apartments 1 and 2 of Chez Bea Luxury Villa booked through with you, we have been forced to clean the rooms daily and from the first day of stay, in addition to killing daily a lot of ants that filled kitchen cabinets and several cockroaches running between the dishes and a feeding bottle of my son. Having made aware of these facts to the reception several times without getting any solution.
      It is the third time we travel to Seychelles and we had never stayed in a hotel as inadvisable and with such deplorable hygienic conditions.
      We appreciate that provide us a contact email referring them photographs we do about it.
    • ★★★★★Jeroen10.10.2016 13:41

    • Good service
    • ★★★★★Martin Chapple18.09.2016 10:34

    • The service and support from Seyvillas was super; everything easily arranged.

      The accommodation itself had its issues, not major...but sometimes its the little things. I reviewed this separately with them.
    • ★★★★★Julie Rae28.07.2016 22:46

    • Just back from a fabulous 10 days on Praslin and La Digue. Seyvillas made it so easy to book and answered all my questions in advance really promptly. We were met by cheery Creole Tours agents at the airport, ports and our accommodation and all our transfers went seamlessly.
      On Praslin we stayed at Sea View Lodge in one of the villas on stilts - the view is amazing as is the quality of the villa and its gardens- Gretel and her Team really looked after us and will bring a delicious dinner (if you like fish you're in for a treat) and breakfast up to your villa.
      On La Digue we were at Le Domaine les Rochers and looked after by Costas and Paula. A beautiful apartment designed by Paula set in gorgeous gardens with easy walking access to all of the island. Don't miss a trip to the hilltop Bellevue restaurant (dinner price includes the ride up, you wouldn't want to drive yourself!) - food is fantastic cooked on an open fire and watch the sun go down.
      A fantastic holiday, the islands are beautiful and barely any tourists (7-17 July).
      Would recommend our accommodation and Seyvillas without doubt. Thank you, we have so many memories.
    • ★★★★★Mike26.07.2016 20:04

    • Had a fabulous time at Bord Mer, the staff were fantastic, the breakfast was amazing! The location has to be the best on Mahe, right on the beach!
    • ★★★★★AdinaBC20.07.2016 23:13

    • Amazing summer holiday in Seyschelles. Is the 2nd time we book with Seyvillas and we are very satisfied. Seyvillas are very friendly, reply quickly and allways have the best offers.
      We decided for hotel L'Habitation, on Cerf Island with halfboard. Hotel is a family business, very clean, friendly staff and delicious food. Hotel is located 15 minutes from Eden Island on Mahe, by boat. In front of the hotel is an amazing coral reef with colourful fish, lagoon turtle, eagle rays and so on. There are plenty of small islands to be visited by kayack or with boat as a daytrip , where you can do amazing snorkeling on Sainte Anne Marine Park. (Reccomand Cacheé Island, Moyenne Island)
      Holiday was even better than expected, it was a paradise vacation indeed.
    • ★★★★★Maja17.07.2016 23:24

    • The service received from Seyvillas was extraordinary. Everything regarding booked hotel on Praslin was as agreed.
    • ★★★☆☆Heinz Meyer16.06.2016 13:44

    • Beach not nice, glass bottles, plastic and other rubbish
      Beach to dangerous for children, strong current
      Breakfast okay, Dinner Buffet boring

      Cocktails very poor - they don't know how to make standard cocktails
      Got invoiced for Lunch despite full board - correction took almost one hour

      Cant recommend Double Tree Hilton
    • ★★★★★Marta Somloi08.06.2016 19:27

    • Really enjoyed our stay at Casadani Guesthouse ,everything was perfect, the beds were really comfortable and in the room has everything you would need. I highly recommend. Very good breakfast and buffet Dinner.
      Just a short walk from the bus stop and the beach.
    • ★★★★★John Holden19.05.2016 10:30

    • My partner and I traveled to the Seychelles in late April and stayed at the Double Tree by Hilton. We also used the holiday as the occasion to get married. Everything was organised by Seyvillas.

      I can honestly say that from the moment I first made contact with Seyvillas to the moment we landed back home, we received nothing but the best from them. Courteous, professional and flexible are the best three words I can select for Seyvillas. It was the most stress free holiday I have ever had. Seychelles is a paradise. It is a beautiful place to get married and with Seyvillas organising everything on your behalf just made it perfect.

      Thank you!
    • ★★☆☆☆Arie van der Giesen09.05.2016 22:46

    • We stayed in several Guesthouses around in Seychelles. To end our honeymoon special we booked a hotel: Coral Strand at Mahe through Seyvillas. The mountainview room was looking at a wall and the room was very small and old room. We were happy the Hotel staff good upgrade us to Ocean View room. These rooms were also very small. The room was outdated and with the airco at 16 degrees it was over 25 degrees at night. The Pool at Coral Strand was very small and the beach was very disappointing (compared to Anse Lazio at Praslin and Grande Anse at La Digue).
      The food in the restaurant was very good.
      The pictures and reviews on several websites we made our decision for this hotel were not what we find this hotel worth a normal review. This hotel is simply too old and overpriced.