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*From October 2017

Get Married in the Seychelles!

If you simply can't wait until your honeymoon to visit this tropical paradise, why not get married there instead? Celebrate the most important day of your life in breathtaking surroundings on one of the Seychelles' many fantastic islands.

Thanks to our local partnerships we are able to organise your special day, from the legal formalities right down to any special treatments you desire. Have the ceremony of your dreams on beautiful white, sandy beaches with the outline of picturesque palm trees as a backdrop. Whatever you wish for on your special day, we will help you tailor your wedding experience to make it unique and unforgettable!

What we can organise for you:

  • Legal registration and formalities
  • Return transport services to your chosen location
  • Your special location with the venue’s decorations
  • Bouquet and buttonholes in your preferred colours and style
  • Cake and champagne to celebrate this special moment
  • Special treatments such as make-up and hair styling
  • Interpreters and musicians for your ceremony
  • Are you in a large group? We can organise a wonderful ceremony for you and your guests including music, barbeque, and local specialities

Wedding Terms & Conditions

General requirements for your Seychelles wedding

The following documents should be received minimum 30 days prior to the wedding date, in order to process the marriage with the Seychelles Civil Status office to post the banns, as well as coordination with the relevant Embassy/Consulate where applicable.

  • A copy of both Birth Certificates.
  • A copy of the previous Marriage Certificate and the Decree Absolute, if one or both parties have been divorced.
  • A copy of a previous Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate, if one or both parties are widowed
  • A copy of the Deed Poll if one or both parties have changed their name legally.
  • A copy of the first or last 6 pages of each passport, including the inside cover, showing the party’s personal details.

An Apostille is the local Judiciary’s authentication of the Seychelles Wedding Certificate and is applicable to couples of all nationalities (except British citizens).

Additional Formalities Applicable for German Citizens:

Please note that a certificate proving no impediment to marriage (Ehefähigkeitszeugnis) in an international format is required.
This certificate is issued by the German Registration Office (Bezirkliches Standesamt or zuständige Behörde).

Additional Formalities Applicable for French Citizens:

Couples are required to fill out a “Fiche de Resignment” prior to arrival in Seychelles (http://www.ambafrance-sc.org/Se-marier-aux-Seychelles). This will be sent through to the agency at the day of the booking. In order to expedite the registration process of the wedding the following documents will need to be provided: A copy of each party’s Identification Card, an official family record book [livret de famille d’enfants communs qui pourraient être légitimés par le marriage - Article 331 du code civil], and one passport photograph each. Please note that although a meeting with the French Embassy is no longer a pre-requirement, the Embassy reserves the right to request that the couple presents themselves to their offices in the Seychelles. If either party is not of French nationality, a notarised copy of all relevant documents translated in French should be submitted. Note: The French Embassy in the Seychelles is only able to register marriages when at least one party is a French national - in the event that both parties are of foreign nationality, liaisons for registration should be addressed to their own Embassy / Consulate.

Additional Formalities Applicable for Italian Citizens:

Please note that these documents are requested
A copy of the couple’s Town Registration in Italy (Certificato di residenza.
All Documents must be officially translated either in English or French language. In the case of other nationalities, a notarised translation must be presented with the original copies. The documents may be faxed or scanned to SeyVillas, with the originals being presented upon arrival in the Seychelles.

Additional Formalities Applicable for Swiss Citizens:

A copy of their Certificate of Domicile [Wohnsitzbescheinigung] is required, as well as a legal document to show that there is no impediment or lawful hindrance [Personenstandsausweis]; if not obtainable, an affidavit is to be signed in the presence of the Honorary Swiss Consul in the Seychelles, after the solemn declaration of domicile, as part of the marriage registration process. Note: Fax copies are not accepted.

General Conditions:

a) Minimum Age of either or both parties: 18 years. A parent or legal guardian must accompany under-age applicants.
b) Venue: The Seychelles regulations stipulate that the marriage ceremony must be conducted under a permanent roof. At the discretion of the Registrar, weddings may be held outdoors. Most hotels and guesthouses have suitable locations on-site, dressed with palm leaves and tropical flowers.
c) Certification of Personal details: Unless otherwise specified, Occupation(s), Religion and Home Addresses are verbally certified before the Civil Ceremony.
d) In case of a wedding booked with an hotel, a minimum stay is required: Please refer to the individual hotel wedding rate sheets.
e) Days for Weddings-in-Paradise: Generally from Mondays to Fridays. Weddings on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays incur a supplementary charge and may be booked on request- basis, for confirmation at the discretion of the hotel and/or registrar.
f) Timings for Weddings-in-Paradise: Generally between 14h00 and 16h00 - other timings are possible on request basis.
g) Flexibility of Wedding Date & Time: The Civil Status Officer, Photographers and Hotel teams will all do their utmost to change the date/time of the Marriage Ceremony in exceptional circumstances [delayed international flights, persistent inclement weather etc]. It should, however, be noted that, once confirmed, the wedding is considered a ‘fait accompli’ and relevant charges will be applied in full.
h) Delivery of the Marriage Certificate & Photo Coverage: it is necessary to deliver the documents and photographic material prior to the guests’ departure from Seychelles [excepting in instances when the relevant Embassy/Consul procedures involve forwarding the documents to the guests at their home address or via their regional/national authorities]. Should it not be possible to deliver the documents prior to clients departure due to unforeseen circumstances, documents will be send to clients via DHL or Fedex and will be billed directly to the clients. Clients direct home address will be collected by the responsible coordinator in the Seychelles for the necessary arrangements.
i) Witnesses, Best Man, Maid of Honour: Most couples travelling alone will arrange this locally, with their hotel or amongst fellow guests.
j) Religious Blessings: The Anglican Church requires that the couple’s parish priest sends a letter of introduction 6 months prior to the wedding, certifying that the couple has carried out the necessary marriage preparations; that each party signs an affidavit confirming that he/she is not divorced with a former spouse still alive; that the parties have contracted a civil marriage prior to the blessing, and that the blessing ceremony takes place in an authorised church building.
The Catholic Church requires 3 months notice; that the couple’s parish priest initiates contact with the Seychelles diocese 2 months prior to the wedding; that the parties have to receive marriage counselling by the Seychelles priest minimum 3 days before the ceremony; that the couple has contracted a civil marriage prior to the blessing which can be carried out on any day excepting Sundays, feast days and Lent; and that the blessing ceremony takes place in an authorised church building. In cases of mixed marriages, the parish priest must confirm the bishop’s approval.