Pension Fidele

Guesthouse · La Digue
Pension Fidele
4.0 of 5 111 Reviews
Type: Guesthouse
Size: 20 - 37 m2
Beaches: 350 m
For 2 people From € 96 / night Service: B
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Best Price Guarantee
Did you find a better offer for this accommodation? Please do not hesitate to send us the quote that you have received and we will do our best to match the offer. It is our main priority to offer you the best possible price!


Surroundings & Activities

Price/4 people (6 h) € 437
Price/person (4 h) Adult: € 75 | Child: € 75
Price/person (8 h) Adult: € 118 | Child: € 118
Price/person (2 h) Adult: € 57 | Child: € 57
Price/4 people (8 h) € 540
Price/person (8 h) Adult: € 115 | Child: € 68


Standard Room 20 m² Price/night

2 guests:
€ 96

Size: 20-25m²

Facilities: Room with double bed, air-conditioning, en suite bathroom with shower, WC and wash basin, minibar, tea and coffee making facilities, communal kitchen, barbeque area, partially-private veranda with garden-view (2 of the 3 units have this).

Maximum Occupancy: 2 adults/children (3 - 99 years old) + 1 child (3-13 years old)

Family Room 37 m² Price/night

4 guests:
€ 131

Size: 37m²

Facilities: 2 large separate double rooms (one for adults, one for children), bathroom with shower, WC and wash basin, air-conditioning, fans, minibar, barbeque area, private balcony

Maximum Occupancy: 4 adults/children (3 - 99 years old)

Koko ver & Koko rouz Apartments 32 m² Price/night

2 guests:
€ 136

Size: 32m²

Facilities: Room with double bed, air-conditioning, en suite bathroom with shower, WC and wash basin, safe, fully-equipped kitchen including tea and coffee making facilities, barbeque area, private veranda with garden-view.

Maximum Occupancy: 3 adults/children (0 - 99 years old)

Best Price Guarantee Did you find a better offer for this accommodation? Please do not hesitate to send us the quote that you have received and we will do our best to match the offer. It is our main priority to offer you the best possible price!

Additional Price Information

Minimum stay: 2 nights

Breakfast to be book on-site: €13/adult & €7/child.
Starting 01.11.2019, €14/adult & €8/child.
Please note that it's not possible to book breakfast for more than 5 nights. Starting from the 6th day on the booking will be on self-catering basis. The breakfast is only available for clients that book the room category.

Further information:
  • This travel offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility (please contact the SeyVillas team for more information or if you have any questions on this topic).
  • Travel services will be carried out in English. In certain cases, German, French, or Italian may be spoken.
  • Information about passport, visa, and healthcare requirements can be found here.
Standard Room
2 guests
Extra bed possible
  • Children up to 7 yrs: € 16 plus 50% on board
  • Children up to 13 yrs: € 16 plus 100% on board
€ 96
Family Room
4 guests
€ 131
Koko ver & Koko rouz Apartments
2 guests
Extra bed possible
  • Babies and Children up to 3 yrs: € 14 plus 50% on board
  • Children up to 17 yrs and Adults: € 25 plus 100% on board
€ 136

Reviews (111)

Average: 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (111)

CC 07.11.2019

The transfer from La Praslin to La Digue was great again and we were satisfied !!!! This guesthouse was the best place ever! The island of La Digue is simply the absolute dream. Our apartment with bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, as well as a private terrace was lovingly decorated with hibiscus flowers, palm leaves and towels by our maid Agnes. We were so happy at the reception, thanked Agnes and also gave her a reasonable tip. She was very happy! Our housekeeper Madame Josette came daily and has inquired about our well-being, gave tips and helped us. Again, we immediately wifi, on request bicycles and we felt comfortable all around. The visits of Madame Josette were not disturbing, on the contrary, we laughed a lot and looked forward to talking and getting to know each other. The location of the pension is great! With its own garden and a bit hidden away, a relaxing oasis of peace. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Massimo 23.08.2019

Comfortable accommodation in the countryside, the owner very nice and always smiling! He made us a restaurant for one evening cooking for us the delicious fish! Punctual and precise transfers! Translation (IT): GoogleTranslate

Stéphane 21.05.2019

Sweet price for a typical guest house and quiet. Close to supermarkets, nice garden, bike rental, well equipped kitchen ... Josette is available and can help prepare excursions. Small flat on the quality of the bedding but the hours to stroll on the bike dive have helped! Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Claudio 16.04.2019

Friendly owner, very nice cottage, golden with all that can be used. Translation (IT): GoogleTranslate

Gerard MICHEL 16.04.2019

the boss is very accommodating Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Claudine 27.03.2019

Home more average, but room quite good with large terrace, fridge, air conditioning, dryer.It is quiet, clean and centrally located. Breakfast served at the terrace of the room. View of the tropical garden. Good value for money.Bike rental on site, but check the condition. Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Caterina 26.01.2019

It is a beautiful house not too far from the pier and the Union Estate Farm. On foot or by bike (it is possible to rent bicycles in the house) you can discover the island. Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Silviya Dimitrova 15.12.2018

It was inconvenient since construction was taking place and noisier than expected for a holiday and relaxation. Hospitality of staff was unwelcoming

Andrea 26.11.2018

I lived at ground level in the main building. Room very attractive and country-typical decorated. Bathroom rather modern and attractive. Everything was very clean. Breakfast was set on the terrace. Sufficient and good. Kitchen use possible - but I did not use. Maintained garden area. However, the guesthouse is on a dirt road. You have to walk a bit to get to the main road. Usually no problem. But it had rained a lot overnight and the whole way was soaked and full of huge puddles that you could only wade ankle deep. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Thomas 01.11.2018

Here I can only judge the attic apartment in the old building (there are several new rooms in the other buildings). It has the charm of a Black Forest log cabin under corrugated iron. Completely wood-paneled and very hot. But clean. You can rent bikes directly from the "landlord" for 100 rupees per bike per day. Still, next time I would prefer another place to stay. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Christoph 26.10.2018

Everything was great, always again. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Philippe 13.10.2018

Very good owner very nice and very helpful. The excellent breakfasts Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Consuelo 01.10.2018

We could not choose the best lift! Totally surrounded by greenery, peace reigns supreme, but two rides from the port! Well guarded, furnished in Creole style, it enjoys all the accessories of a western house, ultra clean! The sympathy, generosity and hospitality of the owner Josette embarrasses! Very useful in advice on places, restaurants and activities! Never intrusive provides the self-service laundry! Personally, I bought another mother from the other side of the world! Translation (IT): GoogleTranslate

Carla 01.09.2018

Room and bathroom average, however clean. The air conditioning cools little, very equipped shared kitchen, cheap bike rental. Practically share a house with other people ... for us it was a good experience. Translation (IT): GoogleTranslate

GIANNA 29.08.2018

La Digue is the island where we left the heart ... the island can be turned by bike (rented at Pension Fidele) .Locations simple but well supplied with everything needed for the stay on site.Team available and friendly. Translation (IT): GoogleTranslate

Annett 10.08.2018

The accommodation is one of the cheapest on La Digue. Nevertheless, location, facilities and service. The wifi works perfectly (except in a room of the family apartments). The hostess was very friendly. Brand new were the bungalows with TV next to the pension. There were even ZDF, for whom this is important. The construction site on the pension area is no longer there. The garden is thriving again and there are brand new bikes for 100 SCR per day. Fidele is a pension, so it is not quite as lonely as in your own house. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Marie 24.07.2018

The homeowner and the staff were very nice, gave us great advice and the accommodation was clean and very modern. We were lucky and got an apartment, it could not have been better. Breakfast was served on the terrace in the morning after sitting outside after getting up. Any time! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Christian 05.07.2018

Just great. This accommodation was the cheapest and did not have too good reviews on other portals. We can not understand that! There was absolutely nothing to complain about. The house where one of our two rooms was is relatively new. Everything was very well maintained and clean. The host lady showed us everything on arrival and was also relatively common. On site you can also rent bikes for a fair price. The room has a kitchen which was simple but equipped with everything you need. W-LAN worked perfectly and there were even German TV channels. We felt very comfortable. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Ramona 04.06.2018

Very nice and motivated hostess. Very clean. We felt very comfortable there. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Sigrid 24.05.2018

Location: nice and quiet. Only the way to the pension is very much in need of improvement. Cleanliness: very good service, punctuality and friendliness is good. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Albin Alfons 17.05.2018

Disappointing, no home, air conditioning problem, rented bikes in poor condition. Pension to avoid Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Stefanie 14.05.2018

Location and rooms are great! It was really clean too. However, Josette is a cutthroat who likes to overbook their rooms and then wants to deport you to a worse room, with a lidded foldaway bed. Underlines the need with great stories that the other guests would have to sleep on the street otherwise. We rejected ice cold and the other guests are also accommodated, so much wind for nothing. But Josette is very brazen and the fewest can defend against such a person. We silenced them by threatening to contact Seyvillas. After we had 24 hours journey behind us, we were already very annoyed. We then observed this procedure with two other guests (4 persons), but they had to stay elsewhere. :( If together with all other guests we called them Hausdrache.;) If you in the planning (excursions (expensive) bicycles (too bad condition), etc.) no help needed is nevertheless a recommended accommodation, because they are so nice is! However, if you attach importance to a good contact with the housemother, you should avoid the Pension Fidele. Since we are very independent on such trips and we could well do without Josette, there are for the house, the cleanliness and the balcony still 4 stars (the host as such we would 0 stars). Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Lydia 14.05.2018

The cute guesthouse is run with great attention to detail and you have here completely rest. There is a delicious breakfast, if you book it, in the garden fresh fruit and bicycles for rent - what more could you ask for? Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Jeanette Franziska Ihli 07.05.2018

Simple bungalow, reasonably priced. Central location. Unfortunately 3 times power failure without notice. Two times from 6 pm to midnight. Luckily we had flashlights with us. From owner unfortunately no help or eg candles or flashlight provided. Once we had no water in the evening. The owners have a little hospitality on our arrival we were surprised that we come. On departure we were taken to the jetty with our own electric car (100 SR). There we were thrown out, so to speak. We were not adopted at all Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Friedrich 04.05.2018

Got an upgrade, so great. Great medium-strength mattress. Unfortunately for 2 days in the evening the electricity was gone and 1x the water, could not take a shower! But everything was not so bad. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Celine et Micka 26.04.2018

We had a great time. The bungalow was not available when we arrived and we were given the apartment just as well and even better. The room is very clean ditto for the kitchen and bathroom. Very beautiful garden the team is very available and explains you the places to see and the excursions. Attention to the arrival do not rent the bikes to the people who are waiting for you when leaving the boat. Faithful pension you offer them much cheaper. 75 rupees instead of 150. In any case I recommend 100% loyal pension ;-) Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Peter Georg 23.04.2018

This house is really great Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Susanne 04.04.2018

Had the luck to have booked one of the new apartments and that was really great. Modern, great air conditioning, enough space and very clean. Still have breakfast booked and got it every morning on our terrace. A dream! Amount was sufficient and there was usually a little variety. The owner and especially the housekeeper were very nice! The location is central, but far enough away from the "hustle and bustle". Shops and various takeaways are 2-5 minutes away by bike. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Kathi 19.03.2018

We were welcomed in the guest house, we thought of the owner, and brought to our room. Since we had actually rented a bungalow and no room, we again asked. We were told that the bungalow is already occupied and we have now got a room. The room was fine. The towels looked very worn and had some rust stains from the clothes rack outside. The Tollentendeckel worked over and over again and did not stay alone on top, which I found a bit disgusting for hygienic reasons. The bracket of the shower head was already so worn out that the shower head no longer held it and had to wind it somewhere so that it was not lying on the floor. As a result, you could not shower freehand, because you always had to hold the shower with one hand. Nothing super bad, but a bit annoying, because at the latest when cleaning the room noticeable and cheap could be repaired. The accommodation is in the middle of it all and with the hotel's bicycles a good starting point. Supermarket, restaurants and bank can be reached very quickly by bike. On the last day, the owner introduced herself, who lives next door to. Breakfast is ok too. You sit on the veranda and wait until you get noticed and then you get breakfast. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Christian 08.03.2018

Well located, this pension has generally met our expectations. Good bedding, good breakfast. Only the bathroom seemed a bit too small and poorly lit. Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Hannes 07.02.2018

The hostess and the housekeeper were very friendly. Everything was very clean. We had a small double room and could use the large kitchen and the living room also. Since we were alone at this time, we had practically the whole lower level for ourselves. The garden is also beautifully landscaped. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Beatrice Patricia 01.01.2018

It was disappointing that the garden suffered a lot due to the construction measures and that there was nothing left of tropical lushness - contrary to the photos on your homepage. But we were upgraded and lived in the new bungalow which is very modern and well equipped. The landlady was very friendly and helpful. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Herve Georges Maximilien 01.12.2017

Nice colonial-type room, but a cold and interested reception. We had to pay several times for bike rentals! Total absence of Creole who has completely forgotten us. No recommendation of excursion, to forget the transfer. Require to find a taxi urgently, to bring us to the port. (cost 100 rupees ...) Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Tanja 27.11.2017

Very happy nice house owner helpful we had a beautiful new apartment. Top clean with everything that belonged to it. It was just great there. Only to be recommended. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Bernhard Franz 16.11.2017

A simpler accommodation with a lot of charm. The room was rather small but perfectly adequate. The atmosphere was very personal, so we could in this accommodation and during our time on La Digue many nice acquaintances with other tourists close. The location is very central, so you can reach everything quickly by bike. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Jean-Philippe Garzon 22.09.2017

Excellent home, and very clean house (new). Alas the stove was not working ... Easy to spot and the proposal of the bike location is a plus. Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

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