Bird Island Lodge

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Bird Island Lodge
4.5 of 5 465 Reviews
Type: Resort
Size: 68 m2
Beaches: 20 m
For 2 people From € 401 / night Service: FB
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Best Price Guarantee
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Bungalow 68 m² Price/night

1 guest:
€ 308 - € 335
2 guests:
€ 401 - € 429
3 guests:
€ 595 - € 622

Size: 68m² free-standing bungalow.

Facilities: Kingsize double bed with mosquito net, en suite bathroom with shower and WC, ceiling fan, WiFi (free of charge), lounge corner ,and private veranda stretching the whole length of the bungalow.

View: Sea-facing with garden view

Best Price Guarantee Did you find a better offer for this accommodation? Please do not hesitate to send us the quote that you have received and we will do our best to match the offer. It is our main priority to offer you the best possible price!

Additional Price Information

*Return flight: €342/person. Children 0-2 years old fly free.
For 2019 & 2020:
*Flight from Mahé at 10.40 am (check-in 09.40), return flight at 11.25 am (check-in 10.55), daily. Duration of flight is approx. 30 minutes. Luggage limit is 15kg/person.

*Pick-up or drop-off on other islands with an airstrip (e.g. Praslin) can be arranged for a supplementary fee.

*Please note that the prices displayed from 01.01.2019 to 31.10.2020 refer to stays longer than 5 nights. For shorter stays, discounts below are applied.

*Maximum stay: 7 nights

Please note that Bird Island lodge will be closed from the 13th of December 2019 to the 12th of January 2020, from the 15th of June 2020 to the 15th of July 2020, from the 13th of December 2020 to the 12th of January 2021 & from the 15th of June 2021 to the 15th of July 2021.

Dress code: casual attire.

All guests travelling to Bird Island Lodge should be covered by a fully comprehensive travel insurance policy valid for the duration of their stay on the islands.

Further information:
  • This travel offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility (please contact the SeyVillas team for more information or if you have any questions on this topic).
  • Travel services will be carried out in English. In certain cases, German, French, or Italian may be spoken.
  • Information about passport, visa, and healthcare requirements can be found here.
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1 guest
€ 308 - € 335
2 guests
Extra beds possible
  • Babies: Free Of Charge
  • Children up to 11 yrs: € 113 plus 100% on board
€ 401 - € 429
3 guests
Extra bed possible
  • Babies: Free Of Charge
  • Children up to 11 yrs: € 113 plus 100% on board
€ 595 - € 622

Reviews (465)

Average: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (465)

Christian 15.12.2019

Large discrepancy between the target state according to photos on the SeyVillas website and the actual state on site. Bungalow with significant renovation backlog. Dirty and stained and yellowed - floor and walls in the bathroom and shower, toilet, shower fitting inside, shower outside is broken, entrance doors have broken out and can no longer be closed. We put a totally stained pillow with the dirt on top - the cleaning lady turned it over and was done with it. Eating monotonously and consistently. In the morning there are 2 types of sliced fruit, the same every morning (melon and pineapple), 2 slices of toast (without asking), small bowl of jam (without asking, uniform variety). In the evening after salad about 3 dishes, the fish is good but always the same, even over 5 days. Food staff is nice. Otherwise uninterested. For example, no longer a guided tour of the island (plants, birds) as previously by Mr. Roby. Our question about it only caused amazement. After the second question, then the promise, yes, let's do it, then we write on a board at lunch. Didn't take place in 5 days. Bird itself is a great island with wonderful nature and beaches and deserves proper management. Too bad. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Edgar 05.12.2019

The stay on Bird Island is heavenly. Perfect service and very friendly staff. Well, in the bungalows could be a lot of renewed, but they are clean and it works. In the middle of the island is a tropical jungle and around white sandy beach, lapped by the blue ocean with baths water. Giant turtles walk around the huts and loggerhead turtles come ashore to lay eggs. Add to that the diverse bird life with a cooing and twittering all day and even at night. The island can be hiked in 1.5 hours or umpaddeln with a canoe in about 2 hours. And the sunsets are different every day and always nice. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Hans Christoph 12.11.2019

Can only be recommended. For nature lovers a must. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Thomas Martin 28.10.2019

It does not need many words: in each, but in every way a DREAM !!! Since we would go back immediately (and preferably never again)! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Uwe Walter 26.10.2019

Pure nature, great island with great snorkeling opportunities. Who wants to sleep well and deeply should not stay too long because it is very loud at night especially on the island and the accommodations are actually open. A must for nature lovers. The best beaches we have seen. Full board is very rich, high quality and tasty. Exciting approach with extra round around the small island. The only drawback: The population of the mice / rodents in the bungalows should be minimized, we and other guests had Nagschädäden luggage and equipment. Luggage best hang. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Laurent 22.10.2019

The island has remained beautiful and we have a strong contact with nature: birds, giant tortoises, bathing with turtles, rays, parrots, small reef sharks .. Correct lodging, good food but no more: buffets good but little variety , basic breakfasts: you can expect more for more than 400Euros for 2.Can not have a fresh coconut! Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Andreas Andre 15.10.2019

Staff was very friendly; Owner very helpful; The location is unique and you should know what to do on Bird Island. A dream during the day - the nights are not suitable for everyone. At night partly deafening noise from the many hundreds of thousands of birds on the island and many small "animals" in the hut, which are getting used to. Pure nature - because you have to deal with larger spiders, cockroaches, mice, large beetles, etc. and live. The many geckos in the room are very cute. From time to time also a bird flies into the hut ...... For the snorkeling a dream (sea turtles, many rays, great fish etc.), beaches beautiful and lonely. Highly recommended, if you love nature - but you have to compromise on the hygiene. Bathroom and toilet are more like a youth hostel and you just stop here and there in bird droppings, just go with it. Food selection small - but it was with love and freshly prepared, very digestible and good. If you are looking for luxury and top hygiene is unfortunately wrong here. And be sure to pack up Autan - the mosquitoes are very nagging and annoying. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Nina 09.09.2019

After 4 days from Praslin and 5 days on La Digue, the stay on Bird Island for 2 days was the culmination of our vacation. And like every other day and place in the Seychelles, it was an absolute Hilghlight. This island is magical. Those who find relaxation in nature and have deep respect for creation are overwhelmed here. We are thankful to have been here once. Staff, accommodation and food were great - but played a subordinate role for us with all the magic of this island. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Ralph Wiegand 26.08.2019

Bird Island was really a highlight. In 30 minutes you fly with a small propeller machine from Mahé to the small island. Already at the landing approach one sees this "Iceland" (1.5 km long) surrounded by the blue water of the Indian Ocean, bordered by the white beach and then a lot of green. The Bird Island Lodge was great and half occupied. You stay in a house surrounded by nature surrounded by the many birds that are active day and night and of course the giant tortoises. They like to be scratched and live there completely without any fences in nature. The food (there is only full board) was good, the service great and the staff with questions and tips totally helpful. The equipment for snorkelling can also be rented on the island for free. Fantastic sunrises and sunsets, on a clear night and a fascinating starry sky. But you have to be careful that you do not stumble upon a giant tortoise while walking in the dark. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Patrice 11.08.2019

only one word: FANTASTIC! atmosphere, nature, food, room, staff, owner, beaches, birds, turtles, crabs, rays, free distribution of drinking water and coffee, free kayaks, small plane to go there, everything is fantastic. Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Victoria 20.06.2019

Excellent. A lovely fan operated over the bed which made sleeping easy.

Kiran & Brigitta 14.06.2019

Bird Island can not be compared to anything ... even the approach with a round trip around the island is spectacular! The warm welcome, the cozy bungalows and the lovely hospitality are unique. You really think you are in paradise, surrounded by giant tortoises and hundreds of thousands of birds! The nights are lit by the starry sky, the beaches are almost deserted and the rest is guaranteed. Our conclusion: we will definitely come back, we lost our heart to this island! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Mario 02.06.2019

The island alone is worth a trip. Beautiful sea with the barrier, beautiful sunsets. Of course, you have to love animals and not be too picky. Giant tortoises and endless flocks are the real masters of the island. We greatly appreciated the scenic flight on Bird on the outward journey and on Cerf on the way back. Translation (IT): GoogleTranslate

Dagmar Ursula 21.05.2019

The condition and cleanliness of the bungalow were best of all quarters! The food was excellent, every three times! The people were very friendly and accommodating. I especially liked that there was also a biologist on site who could be asked about the wildlife! Absolute top accommodation for nature lovers! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Andrea 03.04.2019

You have to see this island !! The € 400, - per person was worth it in any case. Even the short flight with the Probellermaschine is an adventure. The soundscape a force! Unfortunately, it does not sleep well without air conditioning and the constant bird calls. But exploring the island, taking pictures of the birds and snorkelling on the beach (at the runway) was a dream. Here I have also seen several stingrays and a little more fish. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Markus und Andrea 25.03.2019

When staying on Bird Island, nature is in the foreground and compensates for the aging accommodations. Unfortunately, a significant renovation backlog, especially in the area of sanitary facilities, noticeable. The beaches and the wildlife are a paradise for nature lovers (unfortunately also for the numerous mosquitoes). Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Roswitha 11.03.2019

Island perfect, friendly care and adequate food .... Only the cleanliness of the bungalows is definitely up. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Margit Inge 10.03.2019

The accommodation was very big, clean and everything there, what you need. Ideal location on the island. The service was very friendly and accommodating. The only negative is the taste of the treated drinking water. It tasted a bit strange, but it was free. But those who did not like that could buy bottled mineral water. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Irmgard 03.03.2019

Bird Iceland was for us the absolute highlight of the trip and can not be rated with the 3 other islands basically, because it is a private island on the maximum 50 guests are, since there are 25 2 bungalows. We as a family already had two of them. Here you bay with full board, as there is nothing here, where you could buy something. We went here on this island immediately from 100 to 0, because we were already completely relaxed after the first hours on the spot. There are only birds, crabs, fruit bats and turtles and beautiful beaches to jump immediately into the water ... I do not know more fantastic swimming! There are no real doors and windows on the bungalows, nothing is completed here, the true luxury is life in nature. The full board is Creole and good. All the local people were very friendly. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Jürgen 09.12.2018

You do not have to say much about the "location" at Bird Island. Just a fantastic cookie on earth. Simple huts that could be renovated here and there. We enjoyed the nature in these four days, even at night left all doors and windows open. Then the natural air conditioning was enough to sleep comfortably. The food was excellent, especially if you like fish. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Karin 18.11.2018

The lodge on Bird Island was very nice, nothing was missing. The care by the staff was very good, the kitchen excellent. Of course you can not expect a 5-star hotel on this unspoilt island, but that's a good thing. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Michael Hertel 06.11.2018

Island, sea, animals Top! Servants nice and always friendly food - Category good canteen, in relation to the price, insufficient and for these coals should be completely refurbished, that would have to be in there and is long overdue Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Thomas 29.10.2018

The accommodation is simple, so simple that the doors can not even be connected;). Staff was very friendly and accommodating. Food is easy and could become drab for longer stays. Also positive: free water, free kayaks, free internet Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Kathrin 27.10.2018

A great Challet, as I have imagined for a "natural island". They pay attention to sustainability and nature is in the foreground. The location was great. The staff was partly a little listless, which was noticeable. The food was good, but after 3-4 days partially repeated. Which is not bad, but especially for breakfast and dessert I would have liked more creativity. But this great island itself is just worth the trip and you really do not need all the comfort Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Marlee Dorothea 15.10.2018

Cleanliness rather well. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Reiko 10.10.2018

Altogether highly recommended, albeit with small drawbacks, but that is always problematic if there is only one provider. Little things could do a lot. The food could be a bit more varied, at the bar we missed a card with the possible cocktails and prices. As I said only little things. The people on the island were all very friendly. You can walk for hours on the beach and meet hardly any other people and the arrival and departure of the small plane was an event in itself. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Giampaolo 14.08.2018

Really special. Very spartan both in accommodation and in food, but on a very beautiful island and a must see. Difficult swimming and poor snorkeling. Translation (IT): GoogleTranslate

Stefan Michael 25.07.2018

For all nature lovers Bird Island is a highlight! The variety of nesting birds is breathtaking, we could not get enough in the 4 days of our stay. The beaches were beautiful, very lonely and quiet. Pure nature! Loved the lodge, the staff was very friendly, and the food really good. However, the island is certainly not suitable for everyone, the classic 5-star luxury you will not find here, which would not fit there. That's why we liked it so much. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Manfred 23.07.2018

The accommodation is simple but clean and functional. It exudes the charm of a drop-out accommodation of the 1970s. The staff were friendly, the food was Creole home cooking. Very good and plentiful. A special feature were the bird eggs of the breeding migratory birds for breakfast. We were impressed by the lively fauna and enjoyed the quiet and relaxed atmosphere very much. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Anne-Kathrin 03.07.2018

Exceptional island. The atmosphere is indescribable. If you are looking for relaxation in the midst of animal islanders, this is the place for you. The accommodation is clean and well maintained and fits very well to the island character. The buffet was great. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Heidrun Teresa 25.06.2018

Perfect for nature lovers! Here you can really find him, the lonely beach! The team of the lodge was very friendly and accommodating, the food amazingly delicious (considering the limited conditions!). The lodges are not luxurious but have everything you need for a holiday in the midst of this magnificent setting. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Bernd 16.06.2018

Bird Island was overwhelming in its undisturbed nature with the giant tortoises, turtles and birds. The bungalows ideally located (30m to the beach) and furnished (excellent good mosquito net), the food really good. The only drawback was that on arrival there was only a quick presentation on meal times, caution when crossing the grass track, etc. - and no further introduction to the specifics of the island. Until recently, there should have been a man (you could see him in the video), who gave a very loving idea of ​​wildlife. We also got no indication that it was not always the male giant tortoise Esmeralda that was encountered, but that there are over TWENTY turtles on the island. Also how one should behave towards them, was not explained to us. A real shame! But maybe that will happen again if enough visitors give it a go. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Claudia 18.05.2018

Return transfer was ok and on time. Return transfer was almost 1 hour late due to bad weather in Mahé. The bungalows are kept fairly simple, everything was open, no air conditioning and could at least times the one or other repair. Here it is a bit too easy to argue that you do not want to interfere with the environment on the island. No air conditioning is still acceptable. And that you need a flashlight in the evening, because there is no lighting on the paths across the island, is absolutely understandable and okay, but if everything decays successively, this has nothing to do with natural left. I think that's just a shame when everything is so shabby and nothing is renovated or at least repaired. At some point that does not justify the price the accommodation costs. The food is okay but nothing extraordinary. The fish was unfortunately always cooked dead and no matter if in the curry or grilled totally dry. The chicken curry usually had little chicken, but more bone. We got the impression that the good meaty pieces of chicken were used for the grilled chicken dishes and the rest then landed in the curry. Dessert was delicious but not very varied. There was either chocolate or vanilla cake with custard or sorbet, or fruit (partially canned) with sorbet, or bread cake with custard. For snorkeling, the island gives little, although a reef outside runs around. But it's too dangerous to swim too far out. Unfortunately the reef roof is totally destroyed and you can not see many fish. The staff is friendly and courteous. All in all, a nice stay but rather something for the undemanding peace-seeking nature lovers, who can do without comfort. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Jürg 18.05.2018

A highlight for every ornithologist! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Asti 08.05.2018

We stayed 3 nights on Bird Island. After half an hour flight time and with only 15 kg of luggage you can reach this beautiful islet. The chalets are big, the decor simple. There is no air conditioning, no fridge, no windows. Everything is open and that's what makes Bird special. Above the bed is a fan that is a bit cool. A good flashlight is required, in the evening there is no lighting on the way to dinner. That would disturb the birds. It is full board, breakfast until 9 h, lunch at 13 h and dinner at 20 h ("Please, be on time"). The food was very good! Whole grilled fish, rice, salads, dessert etc. All staff are very friendly. Unfortunately, the ranger Mr. Roby Bresson is no longer on Bird Island, he explained the life of the visitors on his guided tours of the island and showed many things that one would not have seen otherwise. We rounded the whole island, passed through swarms of countless birds (in April) at the northern end. The birds are not afraid of humans, you can approach them to within a few centimeters. A terrific experience! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Frank 07.05.2018

The accommodation was - as expected - simple and sufficiently clean. However, pretty much everything is very run down. Shower heads that do not decalcify and are reluctant to donate water, plastic faucets that open and close only very noisily and with a great deal of force, if at all. "Pure nature" can compensate for many things, but only a few things. The staff was moderately friendly, often seemed disinterested and took a lot of time. There was somehow a depressed mood. Nature tours will probably not be offered anymore since Robbie Bresson's departure (you've been looking forward to meeting him). To board: You write "Very good island restaurant offers the best Creole cuisine, often for example grilled fish. What (not only) we experienced was more of a "feeding the predators" at the level of a very average take-away. Although there was once grilled fish, rather "well" than "delicious", but otherwise obviously conveinence food, plus quite varied. The drink prices are about 50% higher than on the main islands. We had met in our accommodation in Mahé, so after our visit to Bird, a couple who were also very disappointed. Summasummarum I have to testify that the price-performance ratio, with all understanding of the logistical effort that must be operated on such a remote island, and despite the "uniqueness" of the island is simply outrageous. Actually, I tend towards only one star in my rating. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Kurt Meißner 19.04.2018

In all respects pleasant and without problems. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Ulla 19.04.2018

Must return!!! Stunning exotic ( but we love birds even the noise❤️) food could be a little bit tastier which is reason for four stars

Bernd 12.04.2018

An accommodation with a difference - open design, large, clean rooms, a beautiful "four-poster bed". This island is a dream for peace seekers, few people, many birds. The night is correspondingly loud, but you sleep as in the great outdoors. Overall, the food is good, but there was only one fresh fish (which is very unusual for Seychelles). In this regard, the price-performance ratio is not right. In the evening you could at a small bar the day still something to let go. All staff are very friendly and accommodating. It is an island you must have seen - we would have liked to stay longer. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Carsten 21.03.2018

Very wonderful island, unique nature, next to birds many free-roaming, very friendly giant tortoises. Fantastic starry sky, I sat every night> 1 hour outside and looked only at the sky. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Martin 10.03.2018

The lodge is the true eco-hotel. No useless frippery, breakfast rather Spartan otherwise feed like nuts (Creole), but all very loving. The hammer is, however, in the morning after a few steps almost always alone to be able to stand on a dream beach. This is pure luxury that you can not offer a 6-star hotel. It should be noted that the beach is not spoiled by any sunbeds / umbrellas, on the other hand, no sunscreen. So maybe a beach shell or similar. take. Since no lights are on at night, we could admire the starry sky as rarely before. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Martina 07.03.2018

The lodges are simple but clean. Staff was very nice. The island itself is the absolute "hammer". We have never seen such a beautiful thing. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Andreas 07.03.2018

A paradise, a very special place. Wonderful observation of tropical bird life, tortoises, lonely dream beaches, the best food in the Seychelles. Good that due to the high price no mass tourism prevails. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Jacqueline Monika 28.02.2018

Bird Island was the absolute highlight of our trip. This is truly paradise! Already the flight there was unique. Then the friendly personal welcome. Our bungalow and everything there was exactly what I imagined to be real luxury. Beautiful, close to nature, open, simple and noble ... with everything you need. The food in the open room in the middle of the birds was very tasty and an experience. Indescribable nature! We were always very early, even before sunrise on the road and cost these experiences from late into the night under billions of stars. We had special encounters with Roby and were able to witness one of his last tours on the island. I hope there will be people who continue to protect this Great Natural World and continue Roby's work. Many thanks to the owners of this private island, that Memschen as we are allowed to visit this paradise and to close it in the heart! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Christian 20.02.2018

Accommodation is easy (see photos). Medium to good, desserts were great. Costs for drinks lifted, everything has to be delivered by plane. Topp = alone location of the island, pure nature. We really liked the beach. Circumnavigation of the island is a must! The chatter of the birds - even at night (!) Was fascinating. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Peter Riegel 23.01.2018

The island is as beautiful as it looks in the photos. The erosion, however, has nibbled pretty on the beaches. Great nature experiences, good guides to the animals and plants on the island. Wonderfully quiet. The cabins are spacious and badly dated, especially the sanitary area. Due to the open design, we have never missed air conditioning. The service is bad basic and very geared to cope as quickly as possible. The breakfast selection is a little too spartan and on the beach a shady spot would be helpful in the intense sunlight. The diet starts again after three days, the food is ok, but not exactly imaginative. The bottom line in many things very simple, but that does not bother much, because island and beaches are so beautiful and quiet that we did not care about the other ... Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Meredith Austin 18.12.2017

Not sure what words could be used to describe this gem of a place - beautiful and a true retreat - you literally feel like you are the only person on the whole island. We arrived to a stormy night and the waves sound like they are just feet from your room. Walking the entirety of the island each day was wonderful, beaches had some seagrass, which was a little impeding to the snorkeling but thats nature! The tortoises and birds, the nature walks with Robby - all just little moments that put you at ease and wish you could come back again and again.

Ronald 20.11.2017

At check-in you will already receive your room number and the luggage will be brought there later and picked up again on the day of departure. The meals were great. Soft drinks and alcohol are charged on the day of departure, drinking water is always free of charge. The island tours with Robbie are highly recommended, you should have a good camera with you. The Wi-Fi reception is best near the reception. The houses have a fan over the bed instead of air conditioning. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Edward William 19.11.2017

perfect for my needs

Asti 08.11.2017

The 2nd stop of our trip .. the Bird Island Lodge. For me as a nature lover wonderful! We lived as it is good for the many birds. B. in the evening on the veranda with flashlight read. A small sparrow once walked in through the open door .. fine. Poison green geckos on my leg. The beaches are surreally beautiful. What did I hike? The 124-year-old giant tortoise Esmeralda, a he, we visited. Sat at the beach at full moon and saw falling stars. Hours snorkeled with turtles, rays and countless fish. The accommodation is simple and functional. The food was very good. I felt very comfortable there and was very sad how the time was over there. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Marion Schmederer 01.10.2017

A real experience. Impressive nature that you can experience first hand. Great opportunities for snorkeling. The Charlets are simple but well maintained. At night oropax recommend, as the birds are very loud. Good, down to earth food, very flavorful. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Arnulf Pucher 11.09.2017

The transfer was organized by the island and worked very well. The welcome and service on the island was very good. We felt very comfortable there. The island is a dream. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Ursula Bek-Höng 06.09.2017

The flights to Island Bird were on time and everything worked well. The resort itself was below average for us and the staff rather unfriendly and annoyed. Since there is no alternative, you just have to accept this to get to this wonderful island. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

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Flugleistungen sind nicht Bestandteil unserer Reiseleistung, sondern wir vermitteln Ihnen den Flug als Serviceleistung. Bitte nehmen Sie zur Kenntnis, dass die Condor jeden Freitag Abend als z. Zt. einzige Fluggesellschaft ab Frankfurt direkt auf die Seychellen fliegt. Sie kommen dann Samstag früh auf den Seychellen an. Der Rückflug von den Seychellen erfolgt jeweils samstags abends, so dass Sie sonntags früh wieder in Deutschland landen. Wir empfehlen unseren Kunden diesen Flug ganz besonders, weil dadurch erheblich die An- und Abreisezeiten verkürzt werden. Wenn Sie allerdings auf andere Reisedaten festgelegt sind, suchen wir Ihnen gerne jede gewünschte Verbindung (vermutlich mit Emirates über Dubai oder mit Air Seychelles über Paris) für Ihren Wunschtermin heraus. "

We will contact you to obtain your full name as it appears on your passport before we proceed with booking the flights.
Flights are not part of the package holiday, but we offer this service as intermediaries.

Local transfer

Video: When to book your transfers.
Possibly included: welcome, local assistance and transfer from the airport to each accommodation and back to the airport (ground transfer and ferry).
  • We recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance.
The travel cancellation insurance policy is contracted with MDT GmbH and contains the following terms.

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