Bois d'Amour

Guesthouse · La Digue
Bois d'Amour
4.4 of 5 146 Reviews
Type: Guesthouse
Size: 50 - 80 m2
Beaches: 900 m
For 2 people From € 103 / night Service: BB
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Best Price Guarantee
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Surroundings & Activities

Price/4 people (6 h) € 437
Price/person (4 h) Adult: € 75 | Child: € 75
Price/person (8 h) Adult: € 118 | Child: € 118
Price/person (2 h) Adult: € 57 | Child: € 57
Price/4 people (8 h) € 540
Price/person (8 h) Adult: € 115 | Child: € 68


Kokoleo Halfchalet 50 m² Price/night

2 guests:
€ 103 - € 110

Size: 50m²

Facilities: Spacious accommodation, bedroom with double bed, space for a third bed, fully-equipped kitchen, en suite bathroom, beach towels not provided.

Exterior grounds and garden: Wonderful wooden porch with patio furniture and a stunning view of the surrounding tropical nature (mangoes, star fruit, papaya).

Kokorouz Halfchalet 50 m² Price/night

2 guests:
€ 103 - € 110

Size: 50m²

Facilities: Spacious accommodation, bedroom with double bed space for a third bed, fully-equipped kitchen, en suite bathroom, Safe, beach towels not provided.

Exterior grounds and garden: Wonderful wooden porch with patio furniture and a stunning view of the surrounding tropical nature (mangoes, star fruit, papaya).

Kokover Chalet 80 m² Price/night

4 guests:
€ 150 - € 160

Size: 80m²

Facilities: 2 double bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms (1 en suite), safe, beach towels not provided.

Exterior grounds and garden: Wonderful wooden porch with patio furniture and a stunning view of the tropical nature (mangoes, star fruit, papaya).

Best Price Guarantee Did you find a better offer for this accommodation? Please do not hesitate to send us the quote that you have received and we will do our best to match the offer. It is our main priority to offer you the best possible price!

Additional Price Information

Breakfast: at € 12 /person

In the Half Chalets Kokoleo or Kokorouz - children under 6 not permitted.

Early Check-In (> 9H00) and late Check-Out (<17H00): The use of the reception house with shower/toilet and open veranda plus a small room for luggage = free of charge.

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Kokoleo Halfchalet
2 guests
Extra bed possible
  • Children up to 11 yrs: € 15 plus 50% on board
  • Children up to 17 yrs and Adults: € 15 plus 100% on board
€ 103 - € 110
Kokorouz Halfchalet
2 guests
Extra bed possible
  • Children up to 11 yrs: € 15 plus 50% on board
  • Children up to 17 yrs and Adults: € 15 plus 100% on board
€ 103 - € 110
Kokover Chalet
4 guests
€ 150 - € 160

Reviews (146)

Average: 4.4 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (146)

Michael 29.12.2019

Very nice owners, great location very quiet with a wonderful garden where all fruit grows and you can eat it. Sometimes without TV, internet and other simply great ????. very nice thank you again. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Ralf 08.11.2019

Owner has received us very friendly German speaking and cared for .... Perfect guest house, however, an air conditioner would sometimes have been nice (but we knew when booking that there is none) Perfect &quot;botanical&quot; garden in front of the terrace with the possibility of fruit breakfast itself to harvest - starfruit, bananas, papaya, lemongrass, coconut, etc. - all there Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Janett 22.10.2019

unfortunately we had big problmen on la digue, 3 of 5 days rain and in the bois d&#39;amour there was no air conditioning and everything was open, so that all our clothes were wet and clammy, unfortunately there was no wifi Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Henri 22.10.2019

A dream property! You do not have to live by the sea. Although the houses have no air conditioning, we sweat less than in air-conditioned accommodations - cleverly built! On the terrace it can sit wonderfully. Astonishingly, there were also few mosquitoes, but other lovely roommates like little red curious birds and the geckos that like to sit close to the light at dusk. Alvis, our host, gave us great excursions and was always there as a contact. For departure there was a free transfer by electric scooter. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Nina 09.09.2019

Owner and staff friendly, helpful and discreet. The property is quiet and beautifully located in the countryside. The semi-chalet offers everything you need for a pleasant stay. Very practical, that bicycles are already ready and the immediate discovery trip is in the way. A tip: take the crossroads at the Spar express, go pretty far down, on the left side is the bakery of La Digue. Sold directly at the bakery next to his oven. Cool. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Patrick 12.08.2019

Chalet was great, garden or area of the Bois d&#39;Amour with many birds and great trees, palm trees and flowers beautiful. We were even allowed to harvest fruits from the garden. Location overlooking the mountainous forest also fantastic. There were a lot of mosquitoes, for which the accommodation of course nothing. Bikes were unfortunately not available at the property, although it was announced on arrival. Since there is no reception in the classical sense, it was sometimes difficult to spontaneously speak to someone with questions or concerns. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Gudrun Dagmar 13.07.2019

Air conditioning was missing very, beautiful garden and beautiful architectural style of the accommodations. The reception was almost never occupied and Wi-Fi was not available. We would have liked to book excursions at SeyVillas, which was not possible. The cleaning staff were very friendly and helpful (change of bike, bed mattress) the apartment was clean and well maintained. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Uwe 25.06.2019

The operator of the resort is nice, helpful and information-friendly. In addition, he also speaks excellent German :-). , what came to meet us. The accommodation is very quiet in the middle of a flourishing landscape. The kitchen is sufficiently equipped - at least we did not miss anything. The bed was a bit hard but the overall condition was clean and well maintained. The missing air conditioning we did not miss. We will come back !!! :-))) Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Heinz Rudolf 25.06.2019

The cottage and the grounds are small and very charming. The rating would actually be good but unfortunately this is not offered - I would not say very well here. But this is only on little things like the impossible bathroom in which you can hang towels and we did not know where to go with all our utensils. Mückenarlarm is also there - that&#39;s because of the location. The houses are located in the interior of the island. But there are many funny birds to watch - we had a small house bird of the cheeky jumped into the room and we would have almost missed a name. If we had stayed longer, he would certainly have been petted. Fruit bats slept around in the trees and rounded off this experience. Everything is clean and very well maintained. The operators as everywhere incredibly nice and helpful. Bicycles are available and can be booked for 6 euros per day. However, next time we would rather book closer to the water so as not to have so many mosquitoes. At night, this is not a problem as there are good mosquito nets. What we liked - but maybe not everyone appeals: there are no glass windows and no air conditioning. We thought that was great and liked it very much. Also a thank you for the nice time to the owners and operators! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Claudia 25.06.2019

nice, central location in the countryside, not very quiet (in the evening loud TV from a neighboring facility), very cute near-natural house, many birds, roosters, which make loud noises. Kitchenware could have been a bit cleaner. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Erika Gertraud 18.06.2019

We really enjoyed the wooden house in the paradise garden. Had the misfortune to live in the apartment on the street, but it is with the noise. The only negative was the bathroom, a bit older, especially the shower in the bath. Our recommendation, a renovation and shower bath would be great. Very well maintained and clean, laundry perfect. We will be back. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Kurt Dieter 12.06.2019

We felt like in the tropical paradise. The German-speaking landlord is just great. Gladly again and again. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Susanne 29.05.2019

The accommodation was beautifully located in a large garden. Unfortunately, our landlord was also on vacation, but we were well looked after by the staff. Bicycles were to rent directly on site, supermarket and a very good take away nearby. Unfortunately, no Wi-Fi and only a fan. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Sabine 27.05.2019

We were 5 days on La Digue and would book the Bois d&#39;Amour but not due to the lack of air conditioning. We knew before that there are none, but underestimated the climate. Although the house may be built in the style typical of the country, it is also really great, but since there was rarely a breeze, it was simply too hot and often unbearable. The fan in the room often did not help much either. It would be useful to have another on the terrace! Otherwise a very nice accommodation. The bathroom was getting a bit old and the mattress of the bed so hard that after 2 weeks as a side sleeper I had shoulder problems. Well .. it fits :-) The breakfast we got in the morning at the desired time on our terrace, from which you have a beautiful view of the garden. Coffee and tea you had to make yourself in the kitchen. The lack of Wi-Fi a treat :-) and the &quot;host father&quot; which speaks German, very knowledgable and nice. Thank you for the hospitality. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Kristina 05.05.2019

Super nice and dear guesthouse owners. We felt really comfortable in our bungalow! Here we lacked nothing (of course, the non-existent air conditioning we already knew when booking and it is for a few days (with us 5) really endure!) The tropical garden is fantastic. Here we were also allowed to harvest everything ripe. Aloe vera for mosquito bites is also available. The breakfast on your own terrace was a dream! Every day was something else on our plates. Anyone who complains about noise probably has no other worries here because it is really very quiet. We felt it pure relaxation. You could watch bats very well. The chickens in the garden were another highlight for us as animal lovers. The bikes were ready on arrival and were used every day. Goods in great condition. A bicycle lock was also included. Bungalows are equipped with mosquito net and fan. We will be back. Keep it up! Michi and Krissi Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Marianne Esther 16.04.2019

Everything was perfect, clean. Alvis and his team have done everything to make your stay enjoyable. We would come again! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Karola 09.12.2018

The Kokover Chalet was mediocre clean. The kitchen was swarming with ants. The appetite for cooking goes by. Too bad. The lack of air conditioning (which we knew in advance) has bothered us. Therefore we would not choose this accommodation again. Otherwise very idyllic located in an orchard and you can taste the fruits. Very unfavorable for the occupants of the room without bath. (You have to walk over the terrace if you want to the bathroom, especially at night is not reasonable) Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Susanne und Thomas 01.12.2018

Also in the Bois d&#39;Amor it was really good; everything as expected; again nice, helpful and yet not pushy hosts (Birgit u. Alvis), every day room service and every other day fresh linen and towels we find for the price already enormous ........... good tips and good fast Contacts for individual excursions, such as the local guide for the walk around the southern tip of La Dique (the paths we had actually found alone) or the boat trip for snorkeling in front of the surrounding islands. We also had nice chalet neighbors was then addition ............ Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Renate Elisabeth 21.10.2018

Very friendly service. The owner couple was always approachable. The accommodation was very clean, breakfast was great too. The only downside was that the area is a bit restless in the evening. In the immediate vicinity is accommodation of the staff of the hotel Le Domaine de l&#39;Orangeraie. Sometimes it gets louder in the evening. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Marion 19.10.2018

The accommodation is located in a very beautiful orchard ... We felt very well. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Holger 16.10.2018

Very stylish house with German-speaking owner, which helps in all respects uncomplicated. Top also his recommendations from guides for excursions! Bicycles are available at the house, complete equipment of the accommodation and a tropical garden in front of the terrace. Great service and cozy ambience as well as good starting point for island explorations. Shopping and takeaway within reach. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Günter 24.09.2018

Very nice operator of the plant. Good varied breakfast. We were able to use the reception building with all amenities including shower for free on the day of departure, thank you again for that. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Detlef Thöns 22.09.2018

The small Guesthouse Bois d&#39;Amour is located a bit off the beaches and the harbor amidst a well-tended tropical garden. The German speaking landlord gave us a very nice welcome and were also always approachable and were available with advice and assistance. It was very family. Our half-chalet Kokorouz was built and furnished in typical country style (lots of wood). It had a natural ventilation with fan, but no air conditioning. The cleanliness was excellent and in the well-equipped kitchen with gas stove and large fridge / freezer a self-catering was very possible, especially since a variety of supermarkets are available. The breakfast booked by us (fruit, eggs in daily changing variant, jam, juice, toast) was brought every morning at the desired time on the terrace - very relaxed. Overall, we felt extremely well. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Jörg 19.09.2018

Friendly operator but accommodation without Wi-Fi and AC. Too expensive. Max. 60 € would be appropriate. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Klaus Donath 10.08.2018

With the house, in the middle of a garden, we were very satisfied. Everything was clean and tidy and the breakfast was the finest. Every day the good lady had a new surprise and always made sure that coffee and tea were filled. Wheels were right in front of the house you could borrow for the days. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Thomas 07.08.2018

Everything perfect. Very friendly welcome. Morning supper and also individually on wishes. Cleanliness very high. Bicycles are also provided for rent. So do not fall for any &quot;usurious offers&quot; at the port on arrival. We can recommend the Bois D&#39;Amour very well - really great. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Kaspar 05.08.2018

It was nice but a bit smaller and narrower than we expected. We had to run the fan all night, otherwise it was too hot for us. Morning meal and service very good. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Helga 28.07.2018

This accommodation was fantastic! The house is located in a beautiful garden. Here grow so many tropical fruits: star fruit, bananas, mango, gold plum, etc. Breakfast is delivered to our terrace at the time we want - bicycles are already ready for use and were used daily by us to the beaches and the supermarket. La Digue is an incredibly beautiful island !!! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Heinrich Peter 26.07.2018

App. No. 5 A gem !!! Great breakfast !!!! However, the euphoric descriptions on various portals to set a certain differentiation: Lack of Internet! The reception by a young lady was very friendly, but aloof, not to say condescending! The air conditioning was not missing. An ingenious natural ventilation! The beds, futonly breton, come, as the bathroom fixtures, probably from the colonial time !!!! Promote by no means &quot;d&#39;amour&quot; !! Is not at all !!!!! The drain still tried minutes after use to talk to me through rülpsartige noises. If the loudspeakers of the neighboring settlement had fallen silent around midnight, the village dogs began talking to the moon for half an hour. Then you could sleep for 2 hours before about 4 clock, felt, 147 taps have exchanged about getting up early. On Saturday, the chainsaws were active on the neighboring property during the day. So ... idyllic paradise sounds different! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Patricia 25.06.2018

Clean! Verenda was really nice and very welcoming. The fan alone is not enough ... an air conditioner would be an advantage. You can pick fruit and herbs in the garden yourself - great! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Marco 23.05.2018

Positive aspects: position within a well-maintained park, availability and presence of the owner Negative aspects: lack of air conditioning Translation (IT): GoogleTranslate

Bernhard 21.05.2018

the accommodation is clean, great facility and also the breakfast was very good. The host speaks German and was very nice - bicycles are already ready Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Silke 26.04.2018

The guesthouse is located in the interior of the island amidst a beautiful garden. The cleanliness is excellent, the owners are fabulous hosts. Everything was done to enable us a wonderful holiday, which we had. The accommodation has no air conditioning, which did not bother us. We will be back. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Christine 27.03.2018

Our host has received us very friendly and provided us with information. The bicycles are already stood in front of our chalet. Here you live in a beautiful garden and can enjoy its beautiful terrace. The breakfast was extremely delicious and was brought to the terrace. In the kitchen everything was available, only we did not avail it. Since our transfer was only around 1pm and we had to leave the room at 10am, we had the opportunity to spend the waiting time in an airy pavilion with shower and toilet. Also here accompanied by the friendliness of our hosts. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Arno Silvio 14.02.2018

Great welcome from the owner, accommodation very nice, in the temperatures no air conditioning is bad. We overlooked when booking. Everything else was very nice. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Michael 09.01.2018

Also nice welcome by the German speaking owner. It was immediately recommended the use of bicycles, since on La Digue hardly any cars are traveling. Kitchen and bedroom are clean. To eat and relax the terrace is wonderful. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Dorothee 11.11.2017

This accommodation is just beautiful. Alvis has received us very nice and everything first in German! explained. The guest house is located in the middle of a beautiful large garden! Everything is clean and really nicely decorated. Everything was so straightforward. Alwis has explained what we can do and made a few calls, so we had dinner on Chez Julez (very tasty) the first night, a hike to Anse Marron (only to be recommended !!) and dinner on the mountain at sunset (gorgeous)! The breakfast was also delicious in the morning !! There was always fresh fruit, variations of egg dishes and pancakes. In addition fresh juice, coffee. Toast, jam and butter, of course! On the day of our wedding, Alvis and Birgit contributed to make this day just beautiful for us! Also our room was very lovingly decorated. I can only recommend this Unterkundt. The house is a bit &quot;older&quot; (but very well maintained and clean) and the shower in the bath is a bit strange for tall people, but that is not a minus point. The location, the view in the morning at breakfast and the hospitality of Alwis and Birgit are unique !! We would come back immediately !! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Ingrid Järschel 06.11.2017

We were 4 days guest at Alvis and Birgit and we felt very comfortable. The bungalows are located in a beautiful large garden. Bicycles are ready at the house, so you can explore the island immediately. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Rainer Boos 16.10.2017

Transfer to LaDigue worked, is also a small island, and we were welcomed by the super friendly owner, who also speaks very good German. Great wooden house in the old style, surrounded by beautiful garden and the bikes were already ready. A half star deduction, because the bedroom did not have air conditioning, but a fan (for environmental protection reasons of the owner), and it was really hot at night, and the fan was not effective and too loud - we did not sleep so well. Another half star deduction because the organization of the ferry crossing to Mahe was not optimal. When we arrived, &quot;no one&quot; was found, then we were first assigned to the smaller ferry, and then on the bigger one. Then we had to organize the tickets, and the responsible 2 ladies were also very unfriendly and impatient - but the sun was shining, and then it worked out well. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

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