Castello Beach Hotel

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Castello Beach Hotel
4.0 of 5 344 Reviews
Type: Hotel
Size: 44 - 89 m2
Beaches: 30 m
For 2 people From € 241 / night Service: BB
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Best Price Guarantee
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Surroundings & Activities

Price/person (7 h) Adult: € 156 | Child: € 79
Price/person (1 h) Adult: € 100 | Child: € 0
Price/person (7 h) Adult: € 115 | Child: € 50
Price/person (8 h) Adult: € 100 | Child: € 49
Price/person (8 h) Adult: € 115 | Child: € 68
Price/person (8 h) Adult: € 78 | Child: € 47


Junior Suite 44 m² Price/night

1 guest:
€ 194 - € 343
2 guests:
€ 241 - € 442

Size: 44 m²

Facilities: Large double bed, seating area with fan, air-conditioning, spacious en suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin, private veranda or balcony.

Maximum Occupancy: 2 adults/children (0 - 99 years old) + 1 child (0-13 years old).

Family Suite 54 m² Price/night

2 guests:
€ 276 - € 523
3 guests:
€ 347 - € 666
4 guests:
€ 403 - € 746

Size: 54 m²

Facilities: Large double bed, additional large double bed or two additional single beds, seating area with fan, air-conditioning, spacious en suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin, private veranda or balcony.

Maximum Occupancy: 2 adults/children (0 - 99 years old) + 3 children (0-13 years old) OR 4 adults/children (0 - 99 years old)

Maxi Family Suite 89 m² Price/night

3 guests:
€ 392 - € 730
4 guests:
€ 476 - € 865
5 guests:
€ 549 - € 1,028
6 guests:
€ 570 - € 1,161

Size: 89 m²

Facilities: a combination of Junior and Family Suite.

Maximum Occupancy: 4 adults/children (0 - 99 years old) + 3 children (0-13 years old) OR 6 adults/children (0 - 99 years old)

Best Price Guarantee Did you find a better offer for this accommodation? Please do not hesitate to send us the quote that you have received and we will do our best to match the offer. It is our main priority to offer you the best possible price!

Additional Price Information

Half board: at € 44 /person

Half board is mandatory on 24.12 and 31.12

Minimum stay: 1 night
Between 21.12 and 03.01, the minimum stay is 5 nights.

Please note that from 21.12 - 03.01, there is an additional charge for extra beds (amount depends on room category).

The trade winds between June and October will wash up some seaweed on the island of Praslin. This may make the water a little cloudy but also provides yet more evidence that the underwater world around the Seychelles is in top health. Please note that the opposite coast of the island of Praslin does not have this effect.

Further information:
  • This travel offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility (please contact the SeyVillas team for more information or if you have any questions on this topic).
  • Travel services will be carried out in English. In certain cases, German, French, or Italian may be spoken.
  • Information about passport, visa, and healthcare requirements can be found here.
% Discounts and Special Offers (4)
  • Long-Stay Offer - You save 25%
    Valid in travel period: 01.11.2019 - 31.10.2020, 01.11.2020 - 31.10.2021  Minimum stay: 4 nights in valid travel period 
  • Early Bird Discount - 5% discount for bookings made at least 30 days before the arrival
    Valid in travel period: 01.11.2019 - 31.10.2020, 01.11.2020 - 31.10.2021 
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    Valid in travel period: 01.11.2019 - 31.10.2020, 01.11.2020 - 31.10.2021 
  • Long-Stay Offer - You save 30%
    Valid in travel period: 01.11.2019 - 31.10.2020, 01.11.2020 - 31.10.2021  Minimum stay: 7 nights in valid travel period 
Family Offer
Possibility to book in the Family Suite up to 3 children, the third child is free of charge.
*Valid in travel period: 01.07.2020 to 31.10.2020 & 01.07.2021 to 31.10.2021
*The offers are automatically calculated in the final price.
% Honeymoon & Wedding Anniversary Specials (1)
  • Honeymoon and wedding anniversary - You save 30%
    Valid in travel period: 01.11.2019 - 31.10.2020, 01.11.2020 - 31.10.2021  Minimum stay: 4 nights in valid travel period  Does not apply for all room categories  Valid for honeymooners and wedding anniversaries at 5-year intervals 
    The Honeymoon and Wedding Anniversary offer includes:
    - One bottle of sparkling wine
    - Fruit platter upon arrival
    - One Candlelight Dinner during the stay
    *The stay must be maximum 9 months after the wedding day.
    *The wedding anniversary must be 3 months before/after the stay.
    *For the wedding anniversary, the candlelight dinner is offered if the wedding falls during the stay.
*The offers are automatically calculated in the final price.
Junior Suite
1 guest
Extra bed possible
  • Babies and Children up to 4 yrs: Free Of Charge
€ 194 - € 343
Junior Suite
2 guests
Extra bed possible
  • Babies and Children up to 3 yrs: Free Of Charge
  • Children up to 13 yrs: € 53 plus 50% on board
€ 241 - € 442
Family Suite
2 guests
Extra beds possible
  • Babies and Children up to 3 yrs: Free Of Charge
  • Children up to 13 yrs: € 60 plus 50% on board
€ 276 - € 523
Family Suite
3 guests
Extra bed possible
  • Babies and Children up to 3 yrs: Free Of Charge
  • Children up to 13 yrs: € 60 plus 50% on board
€ 347 - € 666
Family Suite
4 guests
Extra bed possible
  • Babies and Children up to 4 yrs: Free Of Charge
€ 403 - € 746
Maxi Family Suite
3 guests
Extra beds possible
  • Babies and Children up to 3 yrs: Free Of Charge
  • Children up to 13 yrs: € 76 plus 50% on board
€ 392 - € 730
Maxi Family Suite
4 guests
Extra beds possible
  • Babies and Children up to 3 yrs: Free Of Charge
  • Children up to 13 yrs: € 76 plus 50% on board
€ 476 - € 865
Maxi Family Suite
5 guests
Extra bed possible
  • Babies and Children up to 3 yrs: Free Of Charge
  • Children up to 13 yrs: € 76 plus 50% on board
€ 549 - € 1,028
Maxi Family Suite
6 guests
Extra bed possible
  • Babies and Children up to 4 yrs: Free Of Charge
€ 570 - € 1,161

Reviews (344)

Average: 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (344)

Frederic 09.01.2020

Clean hotel, but beach not very easy to access or dangerous, very irregular table service, often very slow, lack of food often at breakfast. Decent and sometimes quite good food. Very correct bedding. Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Christina 26.11.2019

A rather small, family hotel on the beach Anse Kerlan, which is right on the beach. Two small bays with fine, white sand and crystal blue water. In our time (November) with stronger waves and currents. A pool overlooking the sea is also available. All staff were very nice, friendly and helpful. The rooms were clean and the whole area / hotel were very well maintained. The food (had half board) was delicious, a wide selection - where everyone finds something suitable to eat. The hotel is located on the west coast near the airport. This makes you hear the starting and landing propeller machines several times a day. We stayed there for 5 nights and had a rental car for 2 days, which was taken directly to the hotel (also booked through SeyVillas). Alternatively, you can explore the island by bus. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Hortholan MAGALI Bernadette Andree 19.11.2019

Hotel very nice, too bad that the breakfast is not up to par. Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Manuela 03.11.2019

The staff was super friendly and very accommodating. We felt very welcome there. The rooms are a good size, but a bit 'cold'. However, since we were traveling a lot and anyway only to sleep there, this did not really bother us. The breakfast was good. We only had dinner there twice, that was ok but not overwhelming. We found nice restaurants in the area, where we ate very well. The cool thing was that the hotel had a partnership with the Lemuria Golf Hotel, so we were able to get to the entrance and enjoyed the privilege of getting to the Anse Gorgette without any prior notice. That was perfect. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Sabine 28.10.2019

The Castello unfortunately came to our very good hotel on La Digue and could not quite keep up. Room and grounds we liked and the beds were very good. However, the service in the restaurant and the food left a lot to be desired. There was hardly any choice in the food, which was not really delicious. And the ladies to the service were always disturbed, whatever. A young waiter at the bar and Laura from the front desk made up for it. That's why there are three stars. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Francesca Romana 30.09.2019

The hotel is very nice, cared for and staff assistance continues. Clean even if more attention I would have given. Anyway, I recommend it. Translation (IT): GoogleTranslate

Thomas 05.08.2019

The Castello Beach Hotel is a very nice, smaller hotel with extremely friendly staff. You always had the feeling to be welcome and you took care of every concern immediately. Our room was on two floors, had a lot of space, was nicely decorated and above all clean. Unfortunately, there was a bit higher waves during our travel time, so that you could not always get into the water on the short stretch of beach. However, due to the location of the hotels, it is not far to one of Pasline's most beautiful beaches, the Anse Georgette. I would go to the Castello Beach Hotel anytime. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Steffen 27.05.2019

There is not really anything to complain about the hotel. Great breakfast, friendly staff, great location, just right for us. One notices, however, that the house is no longer the youngest. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Ingo 01.05.2019

Great hotel, very nice and friendly staff, good kitchen, great beach and in a great location! Price / performance is right! We can highly recommend the Castello. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Nicole 24.04.2019

very nice facility, good guest relation. In the restaurant partly not very open and hearty, often there was for breakfast various things after half the time not more. But overall, everything is beautiful Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Valérie 17.04.2019

Improved hotel, superior service compared to 2 other hotels, better standing. The room was very spacious, nice little suite, however, some of the trunk keys did not work and the toilet flush worked badly. Good restoration. Home warm enough, and concerned about their customers. Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Wolfgang Walter 11.04.2019

The location is on a desirably small beach via a staircase to reach, the water is wonderfully clear. The hotel is very good, as are the great rooms and the service. The area is very nice and tasteful, everything is there, what you want. The staff on site are very friendly and warm, the rooms are great. Great location for various excursions. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

DANIELA 10.04.2019

Very nice hotel, also very large rooms, beach and beach chairs very great. But unfortunately in this hotel staff very very rude, once said it, but nothing happened. Unfortunately, in this hotel was a construction, as they make the terrace wooden floor new! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Richard 04.04.2019

The complex is very well maintained, we felt very comfortable there. Especially at the beginning of the stay in the Seychelles this first destination was ideal to arrive on the island. The location of the hotel is a bit out of the way, if you are looking for an alternative to the very well cooked dinner buffet, you are dependent on bus / taxi or car rental. The breakfast buffet should start at 7.30, who is there at that time, finds nothing in the individual containers, can take half an hour to set up everything. The staff is friendly, with the exception of the owner who is hardly in contact with his guests. Really disturbing is especially with increasing length of the stay the noise of the starting plane in the immediate vicinity behind the hotel. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Susanne 22.03.2019

Very attractive well-maintained complex, beautifully planted with many flowering plantings. The rooms are very spacious and well maintained. The staff was absolutely friendly and helpful. The restaurant is located directly on the sea, the breakfast was very good and extensive. Very well maintained small complex directly on the sea with direct access to the small beach. The swimming is very good, but a walk on the beach, not a big bay. The dream beach "Anse Georgette" can be reached via the nearby golf course, but is only possible with registration, which should be made in time. There is a bus stop right in front of the hotel. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Caroline 15.03.2019

a very nice hotel, the rooms are spacious and clean, the teams are attentive and everything is very well suited for children. Only one negative point, the food, the food is ok but for a 4 star we expected a few more qualities. Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

Christian 11.03.2019

Cleanliness, location, food, staff excellent; Room service very slow, slow; you could easily make small renovations with simple means (we have already discussed in detail on site) Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Aniko 12.12.2018

The location of the hotel was a bit secluded but not so bad right outside the door is a bus stop and you can get there quickly. But definitely recommend a car. The rooms are very spacious and well equipped you will not miss anything. Cleanliness is also important here the whole area is very clean and tidy whether garden or pool. The food is also very good breakfast buffet is very rich. A la carte I personally found too expensive. Drinks were priced ok. The staff was mostly very nice and helpful. Would definitely recommend it. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Reinhart Rudolf 14.11.2018

very friendly staff in all areas, which is always approachable and helpful. Clean and well maintained in the outdoor area, restaurant and in the room. Nearby there are several small supermarkets and restaurants, so you do not always depend on the hotel. The sea is less suitable for swimming. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

René 13.11.2018

Pleasant quiet location, wonderful sunsets. We had only booked breakfast and ate dinner in the evening. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Michael 19.10.2018

After the hotel change from La Digue a small disappointment. Hotel already a bit shabby but clean. Beach was as good as unusable. At high tide too high waves. Food was just bad for a 4 star hotel. Drinks overpriced .. At least the staff were friendly and accommodating. One had simply expected more from this property. Was the only downside to this really great holiday. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Eveline 18.10.2018

Nice area Nice, spacious family room Friendly staff Good food Plenty of beach chairs on the beach Beautiful sunsets Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Rudolf 16.10.2018

Unfortunately we had to realize that the Castello Beach Hotel is already old and a renovation would be necessary. It lacks an ordering hand (although allegedly under German management), which ensures that, for example, stains of the system are eliminated (eg the material storage next to the pool). The staff could be friendlier and more dedicated. For example, when leaving, no good trip was desired, the service in the restaurant was not very sensitive. The room was always clean, but for our taste it was a bit too big to feel comfortable. The location is ideal, because right on the sea with a small beach and a partly magnificent sunset. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Karl 15.10.2018

Our choice for this hotel was very good. It is very quiet located directly on the sea with a small beach. The staff was very friendly and you were politely received and served. Small review: The breakfast was good but only toast bread is a bit boring for us with the time. Otherwise there was nothing to complain about the food (half board) or complain. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Nicole 19.09.2018

The hotel is rather new, the service but unfortunately not so great. We had a room where the bathroom door could only be closed noisily, the slats were missing some slats. After 5 hours of waiting we got a (!) A new room, at least one category better, but a holiday was gone. The food was very good. There was no buffet, only a la carte. The hotel has only German guests. The beach chairs at the pool and beach are good and adequate. However, the hotel does not have a real beach in the sense. It is a bit of sand, on which lie the beach chairs, then comes a wall and then the sea. No matter if it's high tide or low tide, there is never a beach to see. The waves are thundering so hard against the wall that I would not recommend swimming. Right and left of the hotel there is still a small beach section, rather tiny, but only at low tide to see. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Judith 03.09.2018

Cleanliness was very good Location a bit outside but no problem with the bus The food could be a bit more varied and fresher Staff very friendly and accommodating Accommodation we would recommend Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Frank Fabian Gotthard 21.08.2018

The stay at the Castello Beach Hotel was very nice. All clean. The beach chairs are beautiful and varied designed. The surcharge for a not incl. Dinner was very expensive (about 40 € per person). We mostly ate out or ordered snacks like pizza, fries, sandwiches. Bus stop directly in front of the hotel entrance. Wi-Fi available. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Kilchert 15.08.2018

Nice, quiet location, clean, good beds and good food. In the evening there was a buffet or à la carte. It is a bit off. The noise from the nearby airfield was negligible. Friendly, attentive staff! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Giampaolo 14.08.2018

Decent. Beach not practicable. Translation (IT): GoogleTranslate

Jacqueline & Marc 29.06.2018

We had hoped for more. The pictures look more beautiful than the hotel is in reality. It was always clean, but our bed was in a catastrophic condition. The food was good, but the buffet prices and the offer were not enough for us. Man had promised us in the booking honeymoon specials, which were also clearly described in the email from Seyvillas, but when we wanted to claim them, it was said that it would only be from 5 nights (we were 4 there). At the other two hotels, which we had booked, but such special conditions were always there in the email from Seyvillas. We do not know who made a mistake here, at any rate it was a great pity. The beach and the beach chairs are so nice and the staff was very friendly. We would still recommend it, because of the poor price / performance ratio and the optics. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Ludger Peter 14.06.2018

Our favorite on the islands; a very nice, picturesquely situated boutique hotel, with its own, well-kept beach with enough shade. Those who refuse the restaurant, the Mittgagssnacks, pizzas and Creole evening buffet, avoid, find in the area other restaurants, take aways and mini-markets with the essentials Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

gallaxy0 14.05.2018

Overall, we had a great time at Castello Beach. The hotel is no longer run by a German manager, which clearly shows the quality of the breakfast and the service. The rooms are spacious and would be cleaned daily. What we lacked, were entertainment in the area but which were on the entire Seychelles almost nowhere to be found. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Konrad 14.05.2018

The food buffet was a bit careless and monotonous. Service, cleanliness and friendliness were very good. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Kurt Meißner 19.04.2018

Easy and pleasant. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Thomas 05.04.2018

Good location, the starting island hopper planes are little and easy to bear. Own hotel beach with large stones and groynes, but in between you can go into the water. Room without sea view, but big, clean, tidy. Creole evening with music and dancing with many locals. Was funny. Cocktails and beer (Seybrew) were of course served on the beach. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Margarete Johanna 04.04.2018

Very good. Spic and span. Highly recommended !!! 5 stars !!! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Victor und Claudia 26.03.2018

All the best, cleanliness, spacious suite, always friendly, some entertainment with music and dancing with locals. Had fun. In any case, at the end of February and beginning of March, we were always able to swim even at low tide. Even with light waves swimming was no problem. Food was good. Would go back anytime. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Alexander 23.03.2018

Hotel with a great location, perfect service and our room NR.12 was perfect! Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Wolfgang 20.03.2018

The Castello Beach Hotel on Praslin is highly recommended. Everything fits here. Location on Anse Kerlan in the northwest, 10 minutes from the airport. Flight with Air Seychelles we booked extra on the internet (about 50 EUR). It's great to fly from Mahe to Praslin (15 min.). The direct flight Vienna - Mahe OS21 lasts only 8.5 hours. Had a huge room with half board. Breakfast and dinner take place in a side-facing building overlooking the sea (10 meters away). Food good, the beach with comfortable beach chairs under shady Kasuarinen is great! Turquoise sea and white sand. And important: since there is no reef, it is also nice at low tide pleasantly deep into the water. No currents or high waves. Just beautiful. Many recommendable excursions: Dream beaches: Anse Georgette (to be registered at the reception!), Anse Lazio, Curieuse and St. Pierre, Vallee du Mai (Cco de Mer palm trees, ...). Rent a car for 2 days. We stayed there for 5 nights, then changed to La Digue by ferry. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Simona 14.03.2018

Under the expectations.un discomfort: bad air conditioning and room infested by bed bugs..a sleepless night..only on our insistence continue after 2 days they have changed room Translation (IT): GoogleTranslate

Cornelia 12.03.2018

Location: very good Cleanliness: good (shower not so nice) Friendliness: very good Restaurant: good (service in the restaurant could be friendlier) Breakfast: good, dinner and offer we did not find so great! Overall: very nice and well maintained Transfer: very good Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Nicole 10.03.2018

The hotel is very cozy and due to its size (only 25 suites) it gives a very familial atmosphere. I was very well filled. The food was tasty and varied, if I had wished for a bit more fruit on the breakfast buffet. But there is something everywhere. The staff both at the front desk or in the service was always friendly and helpful. When I was "bitten" on the last day in the sea, I was immediately helped, brought the evening meal in the room and looked at me again and again. Very careful. Thanks again Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Martina 07.03.2018

There is nothing to criticize. All very friendly, delicious food, great spacious rooms. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Cosette 21.02.2018

Hotel with a lot of charm, beautiful vegetation, very warm atmosphere very friendly staff and very available, very nice suite. Good food, drinks prices a little too high. Translation (FR): GoogleTranslate

William 05.01.2018

Great room. Great staff. Great food. Great pool. 30 min walk to 4 of best beaches on the planet (3 owned by golf course - so permission needed). Many thanks.

Karola 01.12.2017

Just great Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Antje Paus 02.11.2017

Everything great. There is nothing to criticize. A great hotel with first class staff. Price performance a bit too high compared to other hotels. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Simon Hugo Ludwig Fahrnbauer 01.11.2017

Many small and big defects accompanied our time in the Castello. Food: Especially after the La Diguoise rather bad. Breakfast: not good fruit, cheap and sweet jams ... which was amazing on the Seychelles. The egg preparation was always adventurous. Dinner: was mostly ok. Very European oriented, as there was always pasta when choosing the main meal. At 7 days there was to our chagrin 3 times buffet. At the buffet the food was unfortunately mostly lukewarm to cold and not very good in taste. The room was very nice and big. Unfortunately the shower drain is completely blocked. Repairs such as toilet flushing or even bed problems could not really be solved. The pool looked relatively dirty. We did not dare. Especially at night in the spotlight you could admire the thick layer of dirt. The hotel lacks much heart and love. There was a lack of many little things. A smile from the staff. Everyone seemed very sad .... Or that chairs are put back properly after the guests used them. Although the hotel is run by a German couple ... you could not feel it. Unfortunately, the hotel was also 90% of German guests visited .... we had not looked for in our vacation. Also a pity was that we did not get a honeymoon special in this hotel despite demand. Although we have received another discount (Pay 5, Stay 7). Nevertheless, we would have been happy about a little attention such as fruit, a bottle of wine or the candlelight dinner. Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

Helmut Wolfgang Egger 27.09.2017

Organization good, comfort good, punctuality good, kindness good, helpfulness of persons good, food now and then good. Transfer partly good and bad Translation (DE): GoogleTranslate

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