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Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 744 Reviews

Apartment · Mahé · Map

4.5 of 5 53 Reviews

Hotel · La Digue · Map

4.5 of 5 2433 Reviews

Villa · Cerf Island · Map

4.8 of 5 12 Reviews

Yacht · Seychelles

4.7 of 5 12 Reviews

Resort · Alphonse Island · Map

5.0 of 5 105 Reviews

Villa · Praslin · Map

5.0 of 5 9 Reviews

Resort · Desroches Island · Map

4.5 of 5 86 Reviews

Apartment · La Digue · Map

5.0 of 5 5 Reviews

Guesthouse · Mahé · Map

4.7 of 5 58 Reviews

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 303 Reviews

Guesthouse · Mahé · Map

4.5 of 5 195 Reviews

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 1187 Reviews

Villa · Praslin · Map

4.9 of 5 15 Reviews

Yacht · Seychelles · Map

4.8 of 5 4 Reviews

Small Hotel · Cerf Island · Map

3.9 of 5 271 Reviews

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.0 of 5 240 Reviews

Resort · Round Island · Map

4.5 of 5 293 Reviews
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Your Tailor-made Holiday

We at Seyvillas want your Seychelles holiday to be an unforgettable experience. Therefore, we will be more than happy to advise you and to help you create your very own tailor-made dream holiday package.

Luxury does not have to be expensive! Choose your island and accomodation, and we will arrange your island hopping experience to fit any budget.

Reviews about Seyvillas

    • 4.6 of 5 stars
    • There are 218 reviews of Seyvillas
    • Let us know how you enjoyed your holiday in the Seychelles.
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    • ★★★★☆Paul Kisler25.06.2019 13:54

    • SeyVillas will well appointed but did not have wifi in the rooms. There is not much food if you get in after 9 so it would have been nice to have been given some type of options for that since it is remote. Otherwise it was lovely - we really enjoyed the golf cart as the property is extensive and the beaches beautiful.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      Gorgeous. Visited five islands and all were incredible.

      JA Enchanted Island Resort Round Island★★★★★


      Unbelievable accommodations and the service was impeccable. Able to book an excursion on a private yacht within hours of dreaming it up and it was exactly what we wanted to see and do. The food was very good and again the people on the island charming. The beaches were lovely and we felt entirely alone and yet pampered. Cannot say enough good things about it.

    • ★★★★★Victoria20.06.2019 17:09

    • We booked a visit to Bird Island through Seyvillas. The service was excellent, prompt response to my original query and an easy efficient way to book online. The trip itself was wonderful.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★☆

      Bird Island was a very special place and the facilities - accommodation, food and staff service was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone interested in birds, wildlife etc. We found the humidity challenging as it made any activity exhausting.

      Bird Island Lodge Bird Island★★★★★


      Excellent. A lovely fan operated over the bed which made sleeping easy.

    • ★★★★☆Clive06.06.2019 16:33

    • Very helpful and professional.
      Slightly disappointing that buying air tickets between Mahe and Praslin from SeyVillas would have been twice the price that I paid by booking the tickets myself.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      Every time that we visit the Seychelles we love it more. The islands are beautiful, the climate wonderful, the people friendly, etc, etc. When we leave to travel home, we always want to return as soon as possible.

      Paradise Sun Hotel Praslin★★★★☆


      Very professional, yet friendly. The hotel stages a number of (free) events during the week where you can meet the management. The manager makes it his business to be able to put names to all of his guests faces. The hotel provided a wonderful special anniversary celebration meal for us one evening. Slight issues: 1) The rooms, whilst great, could probably do with being modernised in the near future. 2) Not the hotel's fault, but when we were there, the sea water on the beach was green and murky. Swimming out a few 10s of metres gets you to clear water. The problem was probably caused by the hotel being at the end of a beach which has a stream flowing into it - bringing silt into the sea. This is probably a seasonal issue, only affecting the beach at certain times of the year.

      Eden Bleu Hotel Mahé★★★★☆


      Very modern, yet retains a "feel" of the Seychelles. Lacks atmosphere a bit. We only stayed there for one night.


      Creole Travel Services did exactly what we needed them to do.

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