Mahé (SEZ)


Airport Depature flight Return flight
Frankfurt (FRA) Condor Fr Sa
London Heathrow (LHR) British Airways We, Sa Th, Su
Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)* Air France Tu, Th, Sa We, Fr, Su
Zurich (ZRH) Edelweiss Sa Mo
*From 31.10.2019
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Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 764 Reviews

Apartment · Mahé · Map

4.5 of 5 61 Reviews

Hotel · La Digue · Map

4.5 of 5 2539 Reviews

Villa · Cerf Island · Map

4.8 of 5 13 Reviews

Yacht · Seychelles

4.4 of 5 16 Reviews

Resort · Alphonse Island · Map

5.0 of 5 105 Reviews

Villa · Praslin · Map

5.0 of 5 10 Reviews

Resort · Desroches Island · Map

5.0 of 5 100 Reviews

Apartment · La Digue · Map

5.0 of 5 8 Reviews

Guesthouse · Mahé · Map

4.7 of 5 69 Reviews

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 315 Reviews

Guesthouse · Mahé · Map

4.5 of 5 201 Reviews

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 1218 Reviews

Villa · Praslin · Map

4.9 of 5 16 Reviews

Yacht · Seychelles · Map

4.8 of 5 4 Reviews

Small Hotel · Cerf Island · Map

4.0 of 5 279 Reviews

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.0 of 5 250 Reviews

Resort · Round Island · Map

4.5 of 5 310 Reviews
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Your Tailor-made Holiday

We at Seyvillas want your Seychelles holiday to be an unforgettable experience. Therefore, we will be more than happy to advise you and to help you create your very own tailor-made dream holiday package.

Luxury does not have to be expensive! Choose your island and accomodation, and we will arrange your island hopping experience to fit any budget.

Reviews about Seyvillas

    • 4.7 of 5 stars
    • There are 233 reviews of Seyvillas
    • Let us know how you enjoyed your holiday in the Seychelles.
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    • ★★★★★Aine Kelly07.10.2019 15:35

    • Couldn't be better - very prompt, efficient and helpful.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      The beaches may be the big attraction but after two weeks travelling around Mahe, La Digue and Praslin what we most appreciated were the warmth and humour of the people, the laid back atmosphere, learning about the sad history of slavery and the more recent political history at the National Museum in Victoria, the amazing endemic vegetation, marine life and bird life. There is so much to do, apart from having a wonderful time on the beaches. We are so impressed with your wonderful country and hope you can make sure what you have is protected into the future.

      Villa Verte La Digue★★★★☆


      As unique and beautiful as in the pictures. Very much enjoyed our stay here. Thanks to George Camille for renting this wonderful house.

      Hotel La Roussette Mahé★★★★☆


      A great find - very reasonable rates but very good quality. Very nice helpful staff. And so quiet at night.

    • ★★★★★Edward04.10.2019 18:29

    • An excellent service given by Seyvillas. The booking process went without a hitch, confirmation of booking was within the time stated and payment procedure was efficient. Very helpful and friendly staff.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      We love visiting the Seychelles, we have stayed here a lot in the past, either on Prasline or Mahe. We find the Islands quite a unique part of the World, like no where else we have travelled to :- The people, Landscape, food and of course the beaches. The people are very friendly and so interesting to talk to, the landscape is made up of beautiful vegetation and combine that with the dramatic granite its stunning, the beaches are made of white soft sand and an aquamarine blue sea. It's also very easy to go Island hopping either by plane or boat; worth visiting a few if you can, they are all different in some way.

      Bel Horizon Residence Mahé


      We stayed in the Bel Horizon Residence for just over 2 weeks and was really well looked after by Denise and her staff. Nothing was too much trouble. The apartment was well equipped for our needs, even a dishwasher. Fresh fruit from Denise's garden was bought on a daily basis, some we had never tasted before. The linens and towels were changed and the apartment cleaned after every 3 nights. Gardeners tended the gardens every day and Peter the night watch man was on hand at night if needed. The beach although small was perfect for swimming and snorkelling. We would stay here again if and when we return.

    • ★★★★★Gábor29.09.2019 13:58

    • They were very flexible and understanding - I had to change my booking several times due to unforeseen circumstances, and they helped me a lot doing so. The ordered transfers were well scheduled.
    • Detailed review
    • Holiday on the Seychelles★★★★★

      It was a perfect place for our honeymoon. Beautiful beaches, the people were calm, friendly and always smiling. My wife and I were there for 11 days, which passed very quickly. We promised to each other that we will return here in a few years if we can - probably with children.

      Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Mahé★★★★☆


      A large hotel with plenty of rooms, right at the coast of Beau Vallon Bay. The coast is extremelly clean, and there are some shops close by. Their restaurants are very good - we tried 3 of them. The rooms could be a bit renewed, but were clean enough. The crew was friendly and helpful.

      Villa Anse La Blague Praslin★★★★★


      An isolated villa close to the shore. We spent there 4 nights just to rest, but those were the highlight of our travel. The rooms were large, well equipped, maintained and clean. The terrace was also large enough and viewed to the ocean. The host was extremely friendly, she always asked how was our day, what can she help us with, and suggested us what should we see. The water was ideal for snorkeling at low tide.


      All transfers were on time, and the drivers were friendly. The only flaw with the schedule was that we should have met with our excursions guide at the hotel just at the same time our flight landed.

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