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Excursion: "WiseOceans - Marine Discovery Experience"

Excursion image Excursion image
Excursion image Excursion image
Starts from:
3:30 hours
Car, walk
Price for 4 guests:
120 €
WiseOceans - Marine Discovery Experience



Discover the Reef is a marine education experience for visitors to Seychelles. During this 3.5-hour activity, you will be introduced to the reef, its biology and ecology, and, of course, its inhabitants!
All proceeds from Discover the Reef will go straight to WiseOceans, so by booking this tour you will be actively helping to contribute to and raise awareness about protecting the marine environment, all while enjoying a snorkelling tour with a difference: a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience!

*Morning excursions are from 09:00-12:30.
*Afternoon excursions are from 13:30-17:00.

Discover the Reef starts with a presentation entitled “Who’s Who on the Coral Reef”. This talk will present some of the creatures you might encounter during your snorkelling trip and will highlight some of the tricks that marine biologists use to identify the different characters of the reef.
Your WiseOceans guide will then drive or walk you (depending on the distance) to a snorkelling location selected especially for you. Enjoy an entire hour snorkelling on the beautiful reef with your own private expert guide who will point out the incredible reef creatures, including the cryptic and camouflaged ones that are so hard to spot! The knowledge you will gain will bring the reef to life for you, opening your eyes to a whole new world beneath the waves and making you feel like a marine biologist yourself! Ask as many questions as you like, and take the opportunity to capture photographs of the reef with unlimited use of our underwater camera. Finally you will be accompanied back to your accommodation for a final debrief, to enjoy the photos, and to download them to a USB drive so that you may keep them forever, before issuing a fond farewell!

Provider Information:

WiseOceans ( is a marine education and conservation organisation working globally towards a future with healthier oceans. Founded in 2011 on the belief that education is the key to long-term conservation, WiseOceans uses communication, education and interaction to create a community of people who care about our seas.

From guided snorkelling excursions and coral nurseries in tropical locations to Skype-based classroom lessons with children all over the world, WiseOceans connects people with the seas and increases their knowledge of them, empowering and inspiring people to be the positive change they want to see in the world.

In 2013 WiseOceans founded a local non-profit organisation, WiseOceans Seychelles, whose mission is to spread awareness of our oceans amongst the communities of Seychelles, and to increase knowledge of the marine and coastal ecosystems and the creatures that live within them. WiseOceans projects in Seychelles work with schools and youth groups, as well as resorts and visitors to Seychelles.

WiseOceans’ overarching aim is to connect people with the oceans, helping everyone to know just that little bit more about our seas and the creatures within them, and thus inspiring a wide audience to care for this incredible yet vulnerable environment and to want to protect it as much as they do.

"In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught"
Baba Dioum, Senegalese conservationist

Terms & conditions:

Equipment: provided: masks, fins, snorkel, life vests, rash vests, and reef-friendly sunscreen will be provided for you to use during the tour.
Please bring swimwear, towels, and drinking water.

Participants: The minimum number of participants is one and the maximum number is four, although allowances may be made for larger groups at the discretion of the WiseOceans guide, keeping health and safety requirements as a priority at all times. If the guests’ experience level or the ocean conditions dictate it, the guide may reduce the number of guests who will take to the water together, which may reduce the amount of time that each guest spends snorkelling. While there is no minimum age for participants, the WiseOceans guide may also reduce the group size entering the water together if children requiring significant support are participating.

If you would like to discuss your own group’s needs with a WiseOceans guide before or after making a booking, you may contact Krishna by email at

1)Participants under the age of 18 must have written consent from a parent/guardian to be witnessed by a WiseOceans Team Member on the day of the Activity before commencing snorkelling activities.

2)If participants are unsure of a medical matter related to snorkelling or otherwise, they should seek advice from a certified Medical Practitioner before engaging in in-water activities.

3)All participants will be required to sign a Snorkelling Medical Declaration and Indemnity form prior to in-water activities which includes, but is not limited to, statements that the participant does not suffer from certain medical conditions which may prevent the participant undertaking in-water activities. If you are unsure regarding your physical suitability for snorkelling, please contact Krishna by email at

4)Customers are strongly advised to secure appropriate travel insurance, with a reputable insurance provider, and applicable to the activities they will be undertaking.

Further information:
- This travel offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility (please contact the SeyVillas team for more information or if you have any questions on this topic).

Transfer Details:

The excursion starts at the clients' respective hotels on Mahé. Ground transfer by car or by walk from the accommodation on Mahé to the starting point of the snorkelling tour is included. WiseOceans will pick up the clients at their hotels.

The snorkelling tour starts at 09:30.

  • Days of operation: Monday - Friday
  • Languages: English
  • Minimum participants to operate: 1
  • Maximum to operate: 4
  • Period of operation: All year around
  • Child under 1 years of age: Not allowed

We are glad to help you!!

  • Hotline Mon-Thu: 10am-6pm · Fri: 10am-4pm CET:
  • +49 (0)521-44818616
  • We are your tried and certified experts on the Seychelles.

  • A chattel paper will be issued according to § 651 k of the German Civil Code.

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"WiseOceans - Marine Discovery Experience"
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