Beach "Anse Parnel"

Anse Parnel, Mahé
Coral reef
Bus stop


The beautiful scenery, including stunning views of Anse Royale, pristine white sand, and crystal-clear water, all of which add up to create this picturesque little bay.


  • 275m x 15m - few visitors
  • Shallow water - seaweed June to September
  • Tide comes in quickly - generally small waves
  • Beautiful white sand and crystal-clear water
  • Good for swimming and snorkelling


At a Glance:

  • Quiet beach that sometimes disappears at high tide, leaving crystal-clear water and beautiful scenery.
  • Shallow water and lack of drop-off means the water is safe for most swimmers.
  • Rocks and coral line the sandy seabed, so swimmers should be careful where they step.
  • Shade provides protection from the sun.
  • The popular Surfer’s Beach Restaurant is located nearby.


Anse Parnel is a relatively secluded little bay, offering beautiful white sand and extremely clear water. The ocean here is relatively shallow, and the lack of sharp drop-off means that the water is safe for children and unconfident swimmers. The seabed is lined with rocks and coral, however, so anyone venturing into the water should be careful about where they put their feet. Getting to Anse Parnel is simple thanks to the nearby bus stop, as well as the parking available at the popular Surfer’s Beach Restaurant. There are also a few smaller accommodations located near to Anse Parnel, so guests of these establishments should make sure to visit this beautiful bay at least once during their trip. Once there, you’ll be struck by the peaceful atmosphere and the beautiful appearance of this oft-deserted bay. The ocean water is clear, and not particularly deep, making it largely safe for swimmers of all levels. That said, the seabed itself contains several rocks and bits of coral that can be dangerous, so be careful when venturing into the water. In terms of facilities, the beach itself has little to offer, but there is a restaurant and some accommodation nearby, ensuring that the beach doesn’t feel cut off from the rest of the island. The beautiful backdrop of the bay along with excellent views of Anse Royale further along the coast make Anse Parnel well worth a visit for anyone who finds themselves nearby. Safe for families and great for anyone wanting to swim or snorkel in the beautiful Indian Ocean, Anse Parnel is a great addition to Mahé’s beach collection.

Nearby restaurants

Nearby accommodation:

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Distance: 0.96 km
Rooms: 30
Pers.: 1 - 3
Beach: 10 m
King Deluxe Ocean View Room
For 2 people / night
€ 255 - € 600
Service: B&B

Au Fond de Mer View

Apartement · Mahé · Anse Royale
5.0 of 5 694 Reviews
Distance: 3.53 km
Rooms: 6
Pers.: 2 - 4
Beach: 200 m
Apartment without sea view
For 2 people / night
€ 72 - € 80
Service: B

Ixora Villa

Villa · Mahé · Anse Royale
4.5 of 5 13 Reviews
Close video
Distance: 3.12 km
Rooms: 1
Pers.: 4
Beach: 1000 m
For 4 people / night
€ 140
Service: B

Captain's Villa

Guesthouse · Mahé · Anse Royale
4.5 of 5 123 Reviews
Close video
Distance: 0.72 km
Rooms: 9
Pers.: 2 - 5
Beach: 100 m
Double Room with Balcony or Terrace
For 2 people / night
€ 110
Service: B

La Villa Therese Holiday Apartments

Apartement · Mahé · Anse Royale
4.5 of 5 119 Reviews
Distance: 3.29 km
Rooms: 12
Pers.: 1 - 4
Beach: 100 m
1-Bedroom Apartment
For 2 people / night
€ 100
Service: B

Le Nautique Luxury Beachfront Apartments

Apartement · Mahé · Anse Royale
5.0 of 5 68 Reviews
Distance: 2.51 km
Rooms: 5
Pers.: 2 - 5
Beach: 20 m
Queen Beachfront Apartment
For 2 people / night
€ 163
Service: B

Le Relax Hotel & Restaurant

Hotel · Mahé · Anse Royale
3.4 of 5 177 Reviews
Close video
Distance: 3.55 km
Rooms: 15
Pers.: 1 - 2
Beach: 250 m
Standard Room
For 2 people / night
€ 132 - € 243
Service: B&B

Demeure de Cap Maçon

Guesthouse · Mahé · Takamaka
4.5 of 5 87 Reviews
Close video
Distance: 0.44 km
Rooms: 6
Pers.: 2 - 4
Beach: 150 m
Standard Suite
For 2 people / night
€ 170
Service: B&B

Coco Blanche

Apartement · Mahé · Anse Royale
5.0 of 5 80 Reviews
Distance: 2.32 km
Rooms: 7
Pers.: 2 - 4
Beach: 50 m
Ocean View Villa
For 2 people / night
€ 120
Service: B

Fleur de Sel

Guesthouse · Mahé
4.5 of 5 103 Reviews
Distance: 2.57 km
Rooms: 4
Pers.: 2
Beach: 10 m
For 2 people / night
€ 138
Service: B

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