Mahé (SEZ)


Airport Depature flight Return flight
Frankfurt (FRA) Condor Fr Sa
London Heathrow (LHR) British Airways We, Sa Th, Su
Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)* Air France Tu, Th, Sa We, Fr, Su
Zurich (ZRH) Edelweiss Sa Mo
*From 31.10.2019

Seychelles Travel Guide The Complete Guide to the Seychelles

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The Inner Islands

Les Soeurs

The Seychelles' Sister Islands

The islands of Grande Soeur and Petite Soeur are often referred to as the Sister Islands.

The big sister of the two is almost 100 hectares in size, and rises up to a maximum elevation of 113 metres above sea level. This island is also a popular spot for a beach barbeque, while many boat trips stop here for lunch. The island is, however, also great for walking, swimming, and snorkelling.

Beach on Grand Soeur island in the SeychellesSister Islands (© Seychelles Tourism Board - Photo: Raymond Sahuquet)

The photogenic scenery of the island is considered among the most beautiful in the Seychelles, formed of white sand, crystal-clear water, lush palm trees, and red granite rocks. The forma copra production only has a few visible traces left on the island, with a few dilapidated houses calling back to the island's past. Nowadays, only an administrator and a few employees live on the island. They are responsible for providing weekenders who come to the island from the prestigious Chateau de Feuilles on Praslin with an exclusive stay.

Petite Soeur is just 34 hectares in size, and has a very rocky coastline, so you will rarely anchor here with a boat. The ridge itself rises up to 105 metres. Like with Grande Soeur, there are walking paths here, so hiking is an especially rewarding way of exploring the beautiful landscape and enjoying the beautiful views.

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