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  • Beach "Anse Takamaka" | Mahé (Seychelles)

    Anse Takamaka is one of Mahé’s most beautiful beaches, and is well worth a visit for anyone looking for the picturesque beaches they see on postcards, as well as try out a bit of snorkelling in the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean.

  • The South of Mahé (Seychelles) | Anse Royale, Anse ...

    Anse Takamaka From the Quarte Bornes, you can also follow the east-west link road. Along this way, you will come across the bay of Anse Takamaka , protected from the wind and the waves most of the year, which many Seychelles experts suggest is even more beautiful than Anse Intendance.

  • Beach "Anse Citron" | Praslin (Seychelles)

    Anse Citron is a small and oft-deserted beach in the south-west of Praslin, nestled between larger and more popular beaches such as Fond de l’Anse and Anse Takamaka. This location means that Anse Citron is often empty, giving it a secluded, peaceful atmosphere that will appeal to those wanting to enjoy a quiet picnic under the sun.

  • Beach "Anse Bazarca" | Mahé (Seychelles)

    Anse Bazarca, located in the south of Mahé, is unlike a number of other Seychelles beaches in that it possesses deep, choppy water that isn’t really suitable for swimming or snorkelling. That said, there are a number of different attractions to the beach that make it worth a visit.

  • Beach 'Anse Soleil' (Seychelles) | Beaches on Mahé | en ...

    Anse Soleil is a beautiful bay with crystal-clear water and pristine white sand. As the name suggests, this beach is often bathed in sunlight, making it a bright, welcoming prospect for your holiday on Mahé.

  • Beach "Anse Baleine" | Mahé (Seychelles)

    Anse Baleine is a small, oft-deserted beach in the south-east of Mahé. The shallow water and calm waves that lap the shores here create a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere, evidenced by the locals who often come here at the weekend to enjoy a beach picnic.

  • Beach "Anse aux Pins" | Mahé (Seychelles)

    Anse aux Pins is a long, shallow bay on the east coast of Mahé, the Seychelles’ largest island. With nearby shops and restaurants, as well as a 9-hole golf course, the surrounding area offers plenty to keep you busy during your visit to this beautiful bay.

  • Beach "Anse Royale" | Mahé (Seychelles)

    Anse Royale is one of Mahé’s most popular beaches thanks to its wide variety of activities, beautiful scenery, and proximity to a number of different hotels and guesthouses. Located in the south-east of Mahé, it could even be described as the Beau Vallon of the south, due to its excellent range of activities and facilities.

  • Beach "Anse Cimitière" | Praslin (Seychelles)

    Anse Cimitière is a smallish beach located in the larger bay of Anse Bois de Rose in the south of Praslin. The beach itself is divided into two sections. One section can be found in front of the popular Coco de Mer and Black Parrot Suites hotel, and is especially popular with guests of this establishment. The other section is cut off from here by some rocks, and is distinctly less popular.

  • Restaurants of the Seychelles | Bars & Restaurants ...

    This restaurant is located on Anse Takamaka in the north of Praslin, and specialises in pan-asian cuisine. The head chef, Sunil DUtt, serves up thai and vietnamese salads, Indian curries, fish dishes, and a great selection of vegetarian dishes.

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