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What to Wear in the Seychelles

Those travelling to the Seychelles can leave their warm clothing behind all year-round. Thick jumpers or sweaters and evening jackets are not necessary (except for on the plane!), as the temperature hardly changes, remaining warm throughout the year. Depending on your choice of accommodation, whether a resort, hotel, or guesthouse, men should bring a pair of long trousers. This is expected, for example, in some restaurants, and also for festive occasions. For women, a summer or evening dress is always appropriate attire. For during the day, light, summery, airy clothing is recommended, as the high humidity can quickly cause you to sweat.

Local Seychellois women wear bikinis on the beach. From the point of view of the Seychellois, women should not lie down on the beach without a top on. Nudism is not officially practised on any island. Some tourists do not take this into consideration, and it is sometimes tolerated, but please be respectful and refrain from doing so.


Essential Items to Bring

There are some items that you should certainly not forget to bring to the Seychelles. Sunscreen with a high factor of protection, hat, and sunglasses are all essentials. You should also bring comfortable sports shoes for walking and hiking to various beaches or through the Vallée de Mai on Praslin. For La Digue, a torch (or better yet a headlamp) is also recommended, as there is very little street lighting, and the bicycles often lack their own light. Mosquito protection should also be brought!

The Seychelles are a tropical destination, so it can rain from time to time. A thin raincoat or small umbrella doesn't take up much space in your luggage and will likely prove to be useful. If you like to snorkel and do not want to always think about borrowing equipment, you should also bring your snorkelling set from home. Beach shoes or plastic boots are also a good idea to protect you from sea urchins or sharp coral in the sea.

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