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*From October 2017

Seychelles Travel Guide The Complete Guide to the Seychelles

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Medical care

As with any destination, those travelling to the Seychelles should be aware of the possible health risks. Medical care in the Seychelles is limited; there are hospital facilities, doctor practices, and dentists on Mahé, with smaller facilities on the other inhabited islands.

  • Central Hospital: Mont Fleuri Road, Victoria, Mahé, tel: +248 438 8000
  • Anse Royale Hospital: Anse Royale, Mahé, tel: +248 437 1222
  • Baie Sainte Anne Hospital: Praslin, tel: +248 423 2333
  • Logan Hospital: La Digue, tel: +248 423 4255
  • Free number for accident and emergency (ER) services: +248 151
  • Emergency Number: +248 999

The exact addresses and telephone numbers can be found in any accommodation or on the Seychelles Ministry of Health website.


First Aid Kit

For your first-aid travel kit, we recommend taking, besides any prescribed medication, something to counteract allergies, mosquito bites, diarrhea, stomach upset, pain, and travel sickness. These can be purchased from any pharmacy.


Tropical Diseases

There is no risk of malaria or yellow fever in the Seychelles. However, anyone over the age of 1 who travels to the Seychelles from a yellow fever area, or who has travelled through one in the previous six days, must show a valid vaccination certificate.

There are no dangerous animals in the Seychelles; anything you might encounter there, including spiders, reptiles etc. are harmless.


International Health Insurance

It is strongly advisable to have international health insurance, including repatriation insurance. This will protect against unforeseen illness costs during your trip. If, for example, you must be transported back to your country of residence for medical reasons, this would then cover these travel costs.

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