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The Seychelles are home to beautiful, spectacular coral reefs, nestled amongst the islands. In fact, these reefs are so spectacular, that they are surely on the "must-do" list for any Seychelles holidaymaker. Whether that is as part of a professionally-led 40-metre-deep dive, or alone with some basic snorkelling equipment, take a fascinating peek into the shimmering coral reefs and discover colourful fish species. Most of the Seychelles' diving spots can be enjoyed all year-round thanks to the steady tropical climate.

From colourful sealife to crystal-clear water to unique underwater coral scenery, this part of the Indian Ocean serves up an incredible underwater world. Stingrays, whale sharks, starfish, and sea turtles are just some of the beautiful creatures that you can discover during a dive in the Seychelles.

Image(© Seychelles Tourism Board)
Image(© Silhouette Cruises)
Image(© Seychelles Tourism Board)
Image(© Seychelles Tourism Board)

Numerous diving centres offer various tours to discover the inner and outer islands, and any diving enthusiasts should make sure that a dive or two are on the agenda during their stay. These excursions take place from a boat or directly from one of the Seychelles' beaches. Some of the centres also offer wreck diving or night-time diving, as well as offshore dives to faraway locations.

The prices for diving courses vary from centre to centre. Simple diving excursions, including equipment, start at around €55/person. In addition, there are various diving courses available, such as scuba diving courses or a PADI diving certificate. In such cases, the prices can start at around €200, or even more. That said, it's worth every cent!

Image(© Denis Private Island)
Image(© Denis Private Island)
ImageDiving from the Sea Bird (© Silhouette Cruises)
Image(© Denis Private Island)

Diving Centres in the Seychelles

Mahé: For an overview of diving centres on Mahé, as well as general information about diving and snorkelling around the island, see here.
Praslin: For an overview of diving centres on Praslin, as well as general information about diving and snorkelling around the island, see here.
La Digue: For an overview of diving centres on La Digue, as well as general information about diving and snorkelling around the island, see here.

Diving and Snorkelling Travel Journals

Deciding where to go on an exotic getaway is often made easier by reading about others' experiences before you go. Se the Seychelles through some of our customers' eyes before you go, and find some insider tips for snorkelling and diving spots at the same time!

ImageSeyVillas customers Stefan and Susanne
ImageSeyVillas customers Matteo and Elisa

Diving and snorkelling travel journals

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