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Beach "Île Cachée" · Cerf

  • Île Cachée, Cerf
    • Fishing
    • Swimming
    • Snorkeling
    • Coral reef
    • Shade
    • Photo-friendly


Despite its proximity to Cerf Island, Ile Cachée really does feel separate to everything that surrounds it, allowing you to experience total relaxation and solitude, far from the stress of daily life.


  • 36m x 8m - empty
  • Shallow water - sometimes seaweed, especially June to September
  • Tide can cover the beach - small waves
  • Small island just offshore from Cerf Island
  • Good for swimming, snorkelling, and exploring


At a Glance:

  • Small island just offshore from Cerf Island with a beautiful beach.
  • Can be reached from Cerf Island by boat, or at low tide by simply walking across the sand.
  • The beach is almost always empty, so you can experience true solitude and privacy here.
  • Shade provides protection from the sun.
  • It is rumoured that there is hidden pirate’s treasure here!


Ile Cachée, or ‘Hidden Island’ in English, is a small, beautiful islet located about 50 metres from Cerf Island in the Sainte Anne Marine Park. The water surrounding the island is never particularly deep, but at low tide it recedes completely, allowing you to simply walk across the sand from Cerf Island to reach this isolated spot. Alternatively, it is possible to reach Ile Cachée at high tide with a boat.

The water in this area is shallow enough to make it safe for swimming and snorkelling, and the coral reef ensures that there is some beautiful underwater scenery on offer. The island itself is also beautiful, making it great for photographs. It is also rumoured that pirates once buried some of their stolen treasure on Ile Cachée, so the adventurous among you may wish to go looking for it!

Ile Cachée is unique in that you can reach it on-foot, and its beautiful scenery and proximity to Cerf Island are really appealing. Despite its beauty, the island is virtually always empty, and its separation from Cerf really allows you to escape everything and feel the wondrous feeling of complete solitude, peace, and quiet, making Ile Cachée a unique prospect anywhere in the Seychelles.

Nearby restaurants:

    • L'Habitation Restaurant
    • creole, international 
    • 1.5 km
    • Phone:
      +248 4 32 31 11
      Opening hours:
      Mon-Sun: 12pm – 9.30pm
      Cerf Island
      cash (SCR / € / $), credit card

      This restaurant belongs to the Hotel „L’Habitation“, located in the St. Anne Marine Park. Here, they are serving Creole and international dishes. Special attention is brought to the coconut that is used to round off a lot of dishes.

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