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Apartment · Mahé · Map

5 of 5 269 Reviews

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 765 Reviews

Villa · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 759 Reviews

Guesthouse · Cerf Island · Map

4 of 5 12 Reviews

Guesthouse · Mahé · Map

4.5 of 5 19 Reviews

Resort · Round Island · Map

4.5 of 5 50 Reviews

Villa · La Digue · Map

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4 of 5 107 Reviews

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 854 Reviews

Small Hotel · La Digue · Map

4.5 of 5 103 Reviews

Small Hotel · La Digue · Map

4 of 5 46 Reviews
    • Standard Room Mountain View
      • For 2 People / night
      • 115 € 115 - 125 € 125
      • Service: B&B
    • 5 room types

Resort · La Digue · Map

4 of 5 492 Reviews

Villa · Praslin · Map

Resort · Silhouette Island · Map

4.5 of 5 1214 Reviews

Hotel · Cerf Island · Map

4 of 5 128 Reviews

Hotel · Silhouette Island · Map

5 of 5 48 Reviews

Villa · Cerf Island · Map

Hotel · Praslin · Map

4.5 of 5 491 Reviews
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Your Tailor-made Holiday

We at Seyvillas want your Seychelles holiday to be an unforgettable experience. Therefore, we will be more than happy to advise you and to help you create your very own tailor-made dream holiday package.

Luxury does not have to be expensive! Choose your island and accomodation, and we will arrange your island hopping experience to fit any budget.

Reviews about Seyvillas

    • 4.7 of 5 stars
    • There are 110 reviews of Seyvillas
    • Let us know how you how you enjoyed your holiday in the Seychelles.
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    • ★★★☆☆Alyssa · 01.10.2015

    • Services provided by Seyvillas was standard, nothing exceptional. Emails back and forth were laborious and a different person responded each time. I had to repeatedly refer to another conversation with a different Seyvillas representative. I did all the research on discounts myself and then forwarded them the special promotions to be applied to our quote. I emailed them the flights I wanted when I found more affordable options myself. The ONLY reason I booked through Seyvillas was to have the travel insurance in case we needed to cancel.. Our stay in Seychelles was wonderful, however I feel that was due to my own research on tripadvisor and countless other sites. We highly recommend both the Kempinski on Mahe and Côte d'Or Footprints on Praslin. The Kempinski was truly a 5-star experience and the property manager at Côte d'Or Footprints was extremely helpful our entire stay. The chalets at Footprints are newly built, clean, private and in an ideal location on Cote d'Or Beach near all the best restaurants on Praslin. We rented a car separately and this was an excellent choice as we were able to explore both islands at our leisure! Seychelles has some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. We traveled from the USA and it was worth every penny! A trip we will never forget!
    • ★★☆☆☆Jocelyn Urkow · 30.09.2015

    • Unfortunately Seyvillas fell short of our expectations. Although the booking process was more complex than we had hoped, it was not a deterrent to book with Seyvillas as the prices seemed very reasonable. Our arrival to the Seychelles was delayed because of mechanical problems with our plane that caused us to arrive a day late. Seyvillas in no way even tried to compensate us for this day we did not spend in the hotel. That was not unreasonable and we were still happy with the gorgeous beaches and hills of the Seychelles. Upon returning home we noticed that we had been charged TWICE for our vacation. When we asked Seyvillas to look into this, we wrote three e-mails before they responded by saying that their accounts department had only received one payment. We contacted the credit card company who confirmed they had received both payments. Seyvillas has offered no explanation of this or returned our e-mails, so the credit card company is lodging a formal inquiry. So we are left with a bad taste in our mouth after paying for 14 days of holiday and only getting 6. Hopefully this can be resolved.
    • ★★★★★Alberto · 31.08.2015

    • We stayed at Constance on Mahè Island. The room (senior suite) was perfect and the whole resort is really a fantastic place to be. It is really a big resort but very well managed. The Seyvillas team provided a great service to support our booking procedures.
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